A global leading wealth and asset management company chooses Kofax TotalAgility Mailroom Automation Solution to execute one million documents per year

A global provider of wealth and asset management services in the UK has considerably invested nearly $400,000 into the Kofax solutions. Kofax(R) Limited, the IRVINE California based company is one of the leading providers of the smart process applications for First Mile (TM) of customer interactions. They announced that this wealth and asset management services invested in them to process instruction-related applications and documents as a critical part of their transfer agency business.

Prior to choosing the Kofax, the firm attempted to choose, automate, and improve instruction processing solutions from another different vendor. However, that solution did not work out and deliver all the additional expected business expectations and benefits that were required in the financial sector, and thus, things ultimately deemed unsuccessful.

After conducting the additional research and a competitive analysis on the variety of software products and solutions in the market, the company then selected Kofax for its unique ability to adapt to different critical information and company’s crucial documents. Kofax TotalAgility (TM) Mailroom Automation solution was selected to engage and route up to one million documents every year. This would validate its accuracy to the appropriate recipients for a thorough plan for action.

Kofax TotalAgility (TM) Mailroom Automation is an advanced smart process application that translates the conventional centralized paper mail opening services and routes the overall process to capture images and information in a digital format to receive better accuracy and speed at lower costs. The application also helps in expanding centralized mailroom functions that supports scanned documents, files, and input from various external stakeholders, and distributed locations, as well as, from new communication channels that comprise internet portals, mobile devices, control and automation, and added visibility. Now, with TotalAgility (TM) Mailroom Automation processes, every iterative corrective action that took weeks or days to get resolved will be executed in a matter of minutes.

According to Howard Dratler, Executive Vice President of Field Operations at Kofax, the ability to automatically process documents and ensure its in good shape is extremely critical for this firm and their associations. Howard wants to avoid business errors as it can cost couple of millions of dollars and headache to several employees and customers engaged with this company. The TotalAgility Mailroom Automation solution is a solution to new levels of visibility and control throughout the process. It helps in eliminating extensive manual tasks too. 


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