China’s efforts in placing a nationwide smoking ban by end of the year 2014

In an effort to reduce tobacco products, China – being the world’s biggest consumers of tobacco desires to put an end to the nation-wide ban on smoking in open public places.

The National Health and Family Planning Commission in China is highly concerned about the nearly growing 300 million smokers in the country, and thus, continues to pressurize the lawmakers to lay down stricter laws on using tobacco in public places as well as in the country, said the Reuters.

The commission has recommended different options for reducing the use of tobacco. This includes banning smoking in all schools and hospitals, and seeking more education on the threats and dangers of tobacco around us. According to the Reuters, smoking has taken a major toll on the Chinese health as it is used in most of the essential places of the society and socializing events.

As compared to the sheer damage that smoking causes in humans, tobacco’s economic advantages are critical and trivial, said Mao Qun'an, a spokesman for the commission at a news conference.  

Many experts in China tried to minimize the use of tobacco in the country, but the country’s powerful tobacco industry mired the respective measures by placing health warning s and not permitting tobacco prices. The government circulars requested the government officials to avoid smoking in public places. According to the Reuters, this was the best example set by the government.
A nationwide ban has been effectuated in China on a very serious scale, and furthermore, places like Beijing began this prohibition of smoking in public venues and different government offices. However, the lack of enforcing the ban has not affected China’s goal in reducing smoking though. There are many people in the country who still ignore the signs of ban on smoking in public places.


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