The global printed electronics market sector witness miniaturization

The miniaturization of electronic devices is an upcoming trend in the global electronics market, specifically in the category of printed electronics. The technological advancements which are the primary key drivers of miniaturization of electronic devices have led the market with their efficient developments resulting in more compact and flexible electronic devices.

In that case, printed electronics solutions are considered as the perfect solution for miniaturization in the industry. With the help of this technology, giant companies in the electronics industry can now develop multifarious devices varying in different sizes and materials. Printed devices are robust, efficient in performance – consuming low power, and moderately priced. As a result, worldwide manufacturers have been increasingly approving of printed electronics technology for their particular industrial products.  

There are many companies that act as the major key players in the Global Printed Electronics industry, and they are namely NTERA Inc., T-Ink Inc., Novacentrix., and Conductive Inkjet Technology. Speaking of the major drivers in the industry, the increasing need for eco-friendly electronic products is another key driver in the domain of electronics. As printed electronic products use non-hazardous raw materials for producing different electronic devices, it becomes more suitable for the technology to get incorporated with other eco-friendly electronic products.  

The report also further stated that one of the key challenges in this industry is the lack of technology standards in the expansion of flexible displays. Due to such reasons, various market vendors are unable to target their customer segments, becoming the major setback for the global market.


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