An excellent Cure to Dry-Eye is just Blinks Away

Dry eye is the condition when eyes lose their ability to produce enough tears necessary to keep the eye surface (cornea) hydrated and affects millions around the world. The condition is characterized by a burning sensation and eventual damage to the cornea and may even result in loss of eyesight or even blindness in adults. 
Why dry eye develops?
Tears are necessary to keep eyes hydrated – they bathe your eyes. Other than this, they are also essential for washing out the dirt and debris from eye’s surface. 

Tears also contain enzymes capable of neutralizing microorganisms that could colonize the eye and cause damage to it. In short, a good amount of tears in your eyes is necessary for good health of the eyes. 

A new study that took feeds from a computer simulation that mapped the direction of flow of tears across the eye, scientists have suggested that the longer we keep our eyes open, larger is the amount of tears that gets drained along the edge of eye. Now if instead of draining out this amount of tear gets circulated throughout the eye, the eye would remain properly hydrated and would not suffer from a dry-eye condition.

Getting into details of this study, the scientists have found out that during the time our eyes are open, tears move from the upper corner of our eyes and get drained at the edges of eyes on the opposite corners through ducts present there.  

So, at the egde of our eyes, the layer of tears keeps getting thinner for as much time as the eyes are open. An easy solution to this issue, as many must have already guessed, is to keep the eyes blinking as much as possible – especially while looking at high power sources of light such as your televisions, computer screen or even the screen of your smartphone, if you spend a lot of time watching it. 

Though there are many other reasons that cause dry-eye, such as the hormonal changes in women as they approach their menopause, this solution may help the many young people out there who are increasingly falling prey to this eye condition as a result of changing lifestyles, workplaces and a boom of technological advancements in the field of smartphones, tablets and computers.


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