Samsung’s Home Electronics will Soon Feature the Tizen OS

Samsung Electronics’ home appliances and electronics range will soon feature its state-of-the-art Tizen operating system. The electronics major said that starting 2015, a large number of its LCD televisions and home electronics will incorporate this OS.

The company is making this move with the intention of increasing the market penetration of its operating system, Tizen. Samsung is confident that it can leverage its global status in the electronics market to ensure that Tizen gains widespread acceptance and popularity among consumers. The Taiwan-based company will also soon set up a platform to develop a concept called ‘The Internet of Things’.

Taizen has already been used, with much success, in Samsung’s expanding range of wearable products. At the CES, which is slated to be held between January 6 and 9, 2015, Boo-Keun Yoon – the CEO of Samsung – is expected to present a keynote speech on the concept of ‘The Internet of Things’, as well as how it can promote interconnectivity between numerous electronic devices. He is expected to also discuss other topics such as applications and smart home appliances. The mobile devices industry has, in the recent past, witnessed dominance from operating systems such as Android and iOS. Thus, Taizen may not be able to break this dominance in the mobile phone industry just yet. Samsung is looking at the home electronics and wearable devices segment as a better alternative where it can push its Taizen OS.


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