Australian Public Sector Logs in to Cloud Services

The Australian government has announced a brand new strategy for cloud computing. As part of this strategy, a large chunk of Australian public sector enterprises will have to upgrade to cloud-based services and software as compared to legacy systems. This strategy will apply for all new ICT-based service refreshes or investments in the ICT domain.

Under the new cloud policy of the government, all agencies must opt for cloud-based services where such services are fit for the purpose in question, offer adequate data protection, and deliver value on investments. This was announced in a joint statement by the Australian Minister for Communications and Minister for Finance this week.

According to the ministers, the Australian Government is aware of the community’s expectations about services that are responsive and efficient. It is also increasingly important for such services to be available through different platforms at any time. The ministers said that the government could appropriately address this need by investing in ICT services – and cloud services are a part of this commitment.

According to the Australian government, access to cloud services can enable public sector enterprises to offer their services more efficiently, improving customer satisfaction and catering to the needs of the community.

With this new cloud policy, the Australian federal government will initiate the process of relocating important cloud data to a secure cloud platform. A new Cloud Services Panel will also be instituted to expedite the selection process of vendors and for easy procurement of services for government agencies.

This new approach is a marked departure from the hitherto conservative approach that the government had to cloud services.


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