Israel’s Defense Exports Witness Dip in 2013 at US$6.54 billion

The Defense Ministry in Israel has reported that in 2013, the country signed new export contracts worth US$6.54 billion. This amount is US$1 billion lower than the 2012 figures.

The official figures were taken from the 2013 ledgers of defense firms that have been licensed by Israel’s MoD. It only takes into account contracts that have been finalized, and ones where initial payments have been received.

2012 was a peak year for the Israeli defense industry, with orders notching US$7.5 billion. A large chunk of these orders was contributed by Israel’s largest defense firm—Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI)—which bagged orders worth US$3 billion from Azerbaijan and Italy.

However, in 2013, the situation was quite different with defense spending across many countries being strained – especially on account of troops being withdrawn from Afghanistan and Iraq. Departments under the MoD described 2013 as being a very challenging period for the overall defense industry across the world. However, the Sibat department noted that despite this drop in export orders, Israel still ranks among the top 10 defense exporters worldwide.

Of the total sales of US$6.54 billion in 2013, nearly US$500 was contributed by small and medium enterprises.

However, these total figures do not include sales coming under the aegis of the newly-established Israel National Cyber Bureau (NCB). This department comes under the purview of the Prime Minister’s Office, and not the MoD. The NCB reported sales to the tune of US$3 billion in 2013.

According to NCB’s chief technology officer, Israel ranked second globally in the list of countries exporting cyber-related technologies.


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