HP Makes Much-Awaited Foray into the 3D Printing Space

Hewlett-Packard, a company that is best known for its expertise with printers, is taking a step ahead into the 3D printing domain. Industry watchers often expressed surprise that the company, until now, had not made a foray into the emerging fields of 2D and 3D printing technology. However, this is set to change as HP makes a move towards this increasingly lucrative industry segment.

HP recently announced that it will be unveiling its debutant 3D printing come 2016. According to the company, its presence in the 3D printing domain will likely lead this space to grow at a faster pace, besides heating up the competition dynamics. HP top bosses are confident that the company will contribute tangibly to 3D printing technology by bringing down the price of operation.

The company’s 3D printing operations will be initially targeted at enterprises – a market entry model that’s similar to its strategy for large format printers that print billboards and large posters. The 3D printers are likely to be employed for printing industrial components and other practical objects. Experts opine that with HP making foray into the 3D printing space, other companies will be forced to look at making their offerings more competitive and of better quality.

According to industry watchers, HP’s entry in the 3D printing segment is looking like a welcome development as the prices of products will become more affordable, while quality will rise many notches higher.

Since 3D printing hit the commercial space back in 2009, thanks to MakerBot, competition has been intensifying every year with new players announcing their expansion into this domain.


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