Malta’s Public Sector Employment Sees 4.5% Rise Since March 2013

Malta’s Principle Permanent Secretary Mario Cutajar came to the defense of the spike in the number of public sector employees saying that the education and health sector are in a phase of high growth in the island country. He said that in view of the rising public demand, there was a strong need to deploy more public sector workers in these two areas. According to Cutajar, it is important to immediately replace any vacancies in positions for teachers or nurses, as well as fill the new positions created as a result of the expanding health and education sector.

The local media has previously raised questions regarding the sudden rise in the number of public sector employees in the country. The NSO, in August 2014, had published statistics that showed a steep rise in the number of workers in the public sector in Malta. The Opposition parties said that nearly 1,900 new jobs had been added to the public sector in the very first year since the Labor Party came to power. This marks a 4.5% rise since March 2013.

However, according to Cutajar, the public sector in Malta is in need of renewal, and the focus is now being shifted toward reducing bureaucracy and in improving the client-focus of these units, when dealing with both internal and external clients. He also added that on account of these capacity expansions, there has been a marked improvement in the quality of public sector services being offered under the aegis of the Malta government.


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