Market Survey Reveals Consumers Above 55 Years Least Likely to Have Regular Skincare Routine for Anti-Ageing

Market research firm Canedean recently conducted a consumer survey that reveals consumers aged 55 years and over are lease likely to implement a regular skincare routine geared toward anti-ageing. According to the survey, about 20% of all consumers in the United Kingdom were concerned about their skin showing signs of ageing. However, of these, only one third have implemented a regular anti-ageing care routine. 

The survey saw that among all age groups, those in the 55 years+ bracket were least likely to take any steps to follow a regular routine to take measures against skin ageing. To be precise, over 50% of consumers in this age bracket said that they have not taken any steps to address their concerns about skin showing signs of ageing. Over 2,000 consumers above the age group of 18 years participated in the survey. The results of this research also show that the skincare products and solutions industry per se is laying too much emphasis on attracting young adult consumers (females) and are missing out opportunities that exist with consumers aged 55 years and over.

According to an analyst with Canadean, the study finds that manufacturers often fail to get the message right while addressing older consumers in the anti-ageing skincare market. While this group is at a stage in their life where they are at ease with their age, they do not necessarily feel as though they are old yet, less still as someone who would be desperate to be called young. The analyst said that if companies are to gain success in this segment, they would need to provide inclusive anti-ageing skincare products that offer well-groomed skin packaged with the feeling of attractiveness rather than positioning age as a weight that needs to be unburdened.


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