McDonald’s Makes Attempt to Curb Dipping U.S. Sales by Trimming Menu and Tweaking Ingredients

Dec. 11, 2014 (TMR Blog)- Fast food giant McDonald’s is trying hard to brush off its image as a food chain that serves fast food. As part of this endeavor, the restaurant chain intends to rehash its menu, likely bring changes to its cooking methods, and even do away with certain ingredients that support the junk food image. The restaurant’s CEO Don Thompson reassured investors this week that these changes will go a long way in helping the chain retain customers that are changing loyalties in the pursuit for healthier food options. The meeting, held in Oak Brook, Illinois, was called after the company reported another month of decline in sales in the United States. According to the company, sales figures dipped by 4.6% in November, according to data gathered from established locations.
Thompson has earlier conceded the restaurant chain’s failure to adapt fast enough to the changing tastes of consumers. This has largely happened because consumers are increasingly moving towards foods that are wholesome and have more fresh ingredients, often giving ‘junk food’ such as fries and fast food burgers a miss.
The company hopes that by introducing newer, healthier ingredients to its kitchens, it can mitigate this problem to some extent. The company has said that changes will need to be brought to the way McDonald’s prepares and delivers food. Customers will also likely notice a trimmed menu at McDonald’s restaurants in the future. A simplified menu, the company opines, will help customers make a choice quicker.
Another initiative that the company is taking is to rally after a program called ‘Create Your Taste’ that allows customers to choose their preferred burger buns, cheese and topping.


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