Report Notes Dip in U.S. Orders for Manufacturing Technology in November 2014

Report Notes Dip in U.S. Orders for Manufacturing Technology in November 2014
In November 2014, the total volume of orders for U.S. manufacturing totaled US$378.06 million, the Association For Manufacturing Technology has reported. According to the Association, this figure marks a 15.5% slide over October 2014. When compared year-on-year, the manufacturing output marks an decline of 14.5% as the total output in November 2013 was US$442.01 million. However, the total output of 2014, as compared to that of 2013 is up by 2.6% - the year-to-date figures for 2014 stand at US$4,556.60 million. The report was recently published by the AMT.

According to the president of the Association for Manufacturing Technology, the figures might indicate a downward trend, but the manufacturing technology market remains bullish on the overall growth prospects of the U.S. industry. Strong performance is expected in two key sectors – automotive and factory production, with the two combining to make manufacturing technology poised for steady growth in the years ahead.

According to the AMT president, the numbers in November 2014 appear to have declined because numerous manufacturers decided to ‘pause’ and re-assess the challenges that face the industry. Some of these challenges include a shrink in the manufacturing activity in Europe, China and Russia. Another aspect that has had a bearing on the manufacturing technology sector is the fact that oil activity has been relatively sluggish in the backdrop of the steep drop in oil prices. The AMT president said that 2015 looks like a promising year, and the United States’ economy will be led by the manufacturing sector. Growth is expected to be positive, he said. The data was presented in the report titled United States Manufacturing Technology Orders (USMTO).


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