Russian Chemist Union to Hold Polymeric Packaging Conference in June 2015 in Moscow

In June 2015, Moscow will host an international polymeric packaging conference conducted by the Russian Chemist Union (RCU). The conference will touch upon a number of issues ranging from chemical safety to plastic packaging restrictions to legislative initiatives and the supply dynamics within the polymeric materials market. The event will be a part of RosUpak, an exhibition dedicated to the packaging industry.

In an official statement issued by the RCU, it says that the voices against polymeric packaging are getting stronger and sentiments toward using glass and aluminum in packaging are becoming more favorable. A large chunk of this criticism has been directed at plastic bottles, noted the RCU. According to the Union, about 40% of the entire packaging industry in Russia still relies on the use of polymeric materials, and this figure continues to rise year-on-year.

To prepare for the conference, the RCU will be setting up a committee that will feature industry experts ranging from researchers, chemical industrialists, public representatives, and scholars.
Some of the themes that will be touched upon during the conference include: the chemical safety associated with polymeric packaging, plastic waste recycling technologies, the regulatory environment, and trends in supply and packaging in both domestic and international markets.

A number of environmental organizations in Russia have been critical of the polymeric packaging industry of the country. Watchdogs also disprove of the fact that the biodegradable packaging materials that are used by the Russian packaging industry do not comply with the required benchmarks and are often marketed on false claims.

According to Mikhail Anshakov, who heads the Society for Consumer Rights Protection, the polymeric bio-packaging industry is Russia does is not developed and can often carry misleading information. Despite these gaps, the prices of the so-called ‘bio-packaging’ materials are up to three times higher than regular packaging.


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