DTRA Appoints Mass Spectrometry Firm 908 Devices to Develop Equipment for Chemical Detection in Warfare

The Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) that operates under the aegis of the U.S. Department of Defense, has said that it has identified a company called 908 Devices to help in the development of equipment to detect chemicals in warfare. The proposed devices are expected to be powered by a technology known ashigh-pressure mass spectrometry.The DTRA has said that this endeavor is directed toward helping the U.S. DoDrely on an effective method to counter the increasingly concerning threats posed by nuclear, chemical, radiological and biological weapons.

Speaking of this contract, 908 Devices said that the company regards this contract as an honor. The company’s CEO, Dr. Kevin Knopp, said that his company looks forward to supporting the mission of U.S. warfighters with the effective use of threat detection capabilities. He observed that responders in the contemporary age are required to face an extensive array of threats that are more unique than they were a few years and are also progressively higher in number. He noted that as the mission of warfighters expands, their toolkit must also do so.

With the use of HPMS, the company will be able to develop a wide array of products that will prove to be crucial in detecting emerging threats, and consequently supporting the support available to missions.

As part of this new devices program, 908 Devices will combine gas chromatography with the HPMS technology. Based on this technique, the company will be able to offer a lightweight and compact device capable of detecting chemicals. The device will be used by warfighters to broaden the scope of analyzing threats based on advanced techniques.

The devices will be developed via a subcontracting model, where 908 Devices will outsource some parts of the project to certain national laboratories, commercial firms, as well as the University of North Carolina.


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