Aromatic Solvents Market to Expand owing to Rising Demand from Paints and Coatings Industry and other Niche Applications

Aromatics are the prime raw material utilized in various products such as detergents, polyurethanes, nylon, polyester, and plastics. They are utilized in formulating products such as glues and paints. They constitute a benzene ring structure and also include xylene, toluene, and some other heavier aromatics, namely naphtha. Aromatic solvents get manufactured in the process of petroleum refining by petroleum stock distillation and via other processes pertaining to chemical conversion, namely alkylation and catalytic hydrogenation.

Benzene: Properties and Application Areas

Benzene is colourless in nature and stands as the parent hydrocarbon from which all of the aromatic compounds are derived. Benzene is utilized in cyclohexane production, which is a nylon precursor. In 2014, benzene solvents represented a niche share in the global aromatic solvents market. These solvents are majorly utilized in the rubber industry owing to their high solvency. Additionally, benzene solvents are utilized in the industry for artificial leather, rotogravure printing, tin cans, and glue manufacturing.

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Toluene: Properties and Application Areas

Toluene is a colorless, clear liquid with a sweet, pungent, and strong odor. It is naturally present in crude oil. In 2014, toluene constituted 45% of the global aromatic solvents market in terms of volume. It is utilized as a solvent in the manufacture of sprays, aviation gasoline, wall paints, medicines, paint thinner, dyes, detergents, explosives, lacquers, spot removers, rubber, and adhesives. It is also utilized in some leather tanning and printing processes, and for the production of derivatives such as chloro toluene derivatives, nitro toluenes, TDI, toluene saccharine/ sulphonamide, isobutyl benzene, cresols, and toluene sulphonic acid.

Xylene: Properties and Application Areas

Xylene is a colorless or light-colored liquid with a hydrocarbon odor. It is a solvent utilized in numerous industries in a variety of functions such as printing and in the leather and rubber industries. It can be used in place of toluene for thinning varnishes and paints, wherein slower drying is required. It is typically utilized in the cleaning of silicon wafers and integrated circuits. In laboratories, Xylene is utilized in the cleaning of microscope objectives to clear residues of paraffin and immersion oils. Furthermore, it is utilized in manufacturing pharmaceuticals, pesticides, perfumes and various other hygiene products.

Asia Pacific Led the Global Aromatic Market in 2014

In 2014, Asia Pacific dominated the global aromatic solvents market in terms of volume by holding a share of over 50%. The demand for aromatic solvents is mainly driven by demand from rthe paints and coatings industry . These solvents disperse or dissolve various components such as additives, extenders, binders, and pigments that are utilized in formulating paints and coatings. Furthermore, the high solvency of aromatic solvents helps in the formation of a better homogenous solution in comparison to other solvents. Similarly, growth of the automotive industry is expected to boost the demand for sealants and adhesives, which are among the prime applications of aromatic solvents.

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Exxon Mobil Corporation, Royal Dutch Shell plc, BASF SE, Chevron Phillips Chemical Company, LyondellBasell Industries N.V., Eastman Chemical Company, and Celanese Corporation are amongst the prominent players in the aromatic solvents market.


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