With Unrealized Capabilities of Advanced Polymer Composites Coming to Fore, Companies Clamor to Gain Headway

Advanced polymer composites make for a market that’s packed with hitherto latent capabilities. The area of advanced fiber-reinforced polymer composites, especially, is where giants from the aerospace, automotive, and renewable energy sector are focusing their attention. As a class of tough plastics (often reinforced by fiber), polymer composites are a whole lot lighter yet stronger than steel. However, one factor that evidently tilts the balance in favor of advanced polymer composites is their fast-evolving manufacturing processes. It is far more conceivable now, than yesterday, to bring high-quality advanced polymer composites to the market more efficiently, economically, and quickly. This naturally brings more applications and industries in the folds of the global advanced polymer composites market.

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Resultantly, the global advanced polymer composites market is expected to exhibit a 7.2% CAGR between 2014 and 2020. Expanding at this rate, the global advanced polymer composites market is expected to rise from its 2013 valuation of US$7.47 billion to US$12.12 billion by the end of 2020, says market intelligence firm Transparency Market Research. 
Come as it does with a lucrative future, the advanced polymer composites market has of late been the stage for multibillion dollar deals. Companies with interests in the chemicals and materials business have recognized the profitability that is to be gained from fortifying their advanced polymer composites capabilities. 

Solvay to Acquire American Composite Materials Firm – What Does this Say About the Future of the Advanced Polymer Composites Market?

There’s a strong reason behind why Belgian chemicals major Solvay decided to shell out US$5.5 billion to acquire Cytec Industries Inc. – a U.S.-based composite materials firm. The demand for lightweight advanced polymer composites in the aerospace, automotive and renewable energy sector is soaring to unprecedented levels. This presents a ripe opportunity for chemicals and materials companies. Industries have no dearth of motivation to switch over to advanced polymer composites. 

Browse Market Research Press Release of Advanced Polymer Composites Market: http://www.transparencymarketresearch.com/pressrelease/advanced-polymer-composites-market.htm

Smaller companies in the market, whose product offerings are complementary to those of larger chemicals players’ thus become prospective acquisition targets. 
These are just some of the opportunities that market players can tap by strengthening their advanced polymer composites portfolio:
  • These materials are a greener alternative to conventional metals in that they help reduce the weight of machines and products, thus helping save precious fossil fuels
  • The renewable energy sector is proving to be a voracious consumer of advanced polymer composites thanks to the rising use of solar panels and wind turbines. 
  • Satellites, spacecraft and large commercial aircraft makers are increasingly replacing conventional metal components with advanced polymer composites
  • Other application areas of such composites that hold immense profit-generation potential are the shipbuilding industry, construction parts (such as high-pressure tanks and pipes) and conductors.

With this, it can be said that Solvay’s acquisition of Cytec could well be the first in a string of high-value M&As in the global advanced polymer composites market. As the expanding applications of innovative polymer composites surface, it will not be long before we begin to see more such materials replacing conventional choices in various industries.


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