Growing Importance of SIP Trunk Connections in the Global Enterprise Media Gateway Market

Enterprise media gateway is the ongoing trend in the corporate world. The surging popularity of enterprise media gateway arises from the need for better collaboration and cost effectiveness. Several businesses these days are taking to IP-based communication mechanisms over the traditional communication structure involving analog lines in the case of elevator phones, fax machines, TDM phones, alarm systems, and access equipment. 

Simply put, a certain type of device such as a channel bank, an IP gateway, or for that matter even a circuit switch that efficiently converts data for a certain network requiring a particular format into another format needed for another network is known as a media gateway. Greater inclination of enterprises towards cloud based services and SIP trunking contributes significantly to the overall demand for enterprise media gateway

How is SIP Trunking Boosting the Demand for Enterprise Media Gateway?

The direct connection that exists between an ITSP and an enterprise is known as an SIP trunk. This system enables an organization to extend its VoIP telephony beyond the firewall and it does not need an IP-PSTN gateway. The return on investment of SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) trunking is quite noteworthy since its configuration and installation is swift, economical, and involves operational efficiency. 

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SIP trunking enables the swift transfer of user’s presence information, instant messages, real time communication, multimedia conference, and even E9-1-1 emergency calls apart from just VoIP calls. The SIP trunking concept has gained and will continue to gain importance in the world of unified communications. 

Why Should Companies take to SIP Trunking?

The first and foremost benefit of installing an SIP trunk connection is that the cost of information delivery and communication over long distances gets reduced remarkably. Enterprises can do away with their respective IP-PSTN gateways including their high costs, because SIP trunking offers a direct connection to the company’s ITSP without having to go through the PSTN (publicly switched telephone network). Instead of having redundant and obsolete data and telephone networks, companies, with the help of SIP trunks can own just a single network that is IP based. 

An SIP trunk connection gives an enterprise the choice in bandwidth, which means that there is no specific bandwidth requirement when such a system is installed. Instead, an enterprise is free to choose any bandwidth as per requirement, thereby ensuring cost effectiveness. SIP trunking is ideal for those enterprises that want to focus more on enhancing the overall value and significance of the network connections that they own. 

Genband Goes a Step Further

Some of the prominent companies in the global enterprise media gateway market are Avaya Inc., AudioCodes Ltd., Adtran Inc., ZTE Corporation, Siemens Ag, Genband, and Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. amongst many others. Genband, a U.S. based telecommunications company specializing in developing infrastructure products and application software for mobiles, fixed wire line, and large businesses, has gone a step further in offering pragmatic enterprise gateway solutions. 

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Genband offers a system wherein companies can install a certain media gateway solution while retaining the conventional communication access endpoints and nodes, since it may not prove to be economically worthwhile for many companies to transfer every device to IP. 


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