Green Roofs Growing in Residential and Commercial Areas due to their Low Maintenance Cost and Positive Impact on Environment

Roofs are designed to provide protection against environmental conditions like rain, heat, and cold. Although the roofing market has not witnessed sweeping changes in the products segment over the past decade, at present the market is witnessing some changes in the material application methods that are likely to impact the global roofing industry. Many of these changes are occurring in the market due to rapid urbanization, growing environmental concerns, and increasing focus on energy-efficient roofing construction.

Transparency Market Research, in a new study on the global roofing market, reports that the global market for roofing is expected to reach US$97.59 billion by 2020, growing at a 6.3% CAGR between 2014 and 2020. 

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The significance of roofing is also growing due to the rising awareness of global warming and greenhouse gas emissions. Green roofs are not entirely a new concept in the market. However, in today’s world of deteriorating natural resources and growing utility costs, green roofs have taken on a new and increasing appeal among businesses and homeowners.

Green Roofs offer Environmental Benefits and Great Aesthetics  

Green roofs in the roofing market are an energy-efficient technology that provides a number of benefits to residential and commercial communities interested in protecting and enhancing their surrounding environment. Green roofs help in reducing the air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, enhancing storm-water management during the monsoons. The roofs are designed and constructed specifically to manage the storm-water runoff over the roofs into sewage systems and waterways.

Green roofs are partially or completely covered with vegetation planted over the roofs, near the waterproof layer. The materials used in green roofs are impermeable and non-reflective in nature. They tend to absorb adequate amount of the Sun’s radiation and release it as heat. Hence, one of the major benefits of green roofs is reducing the heat over rooftops and consequently within the construction.

Green roofs primarily help in energy conservation and thus the importance of these materials in the roofing market has increased significantly in the last few years. 

Green roofs also add aesthetic value to buildings and construction. They have the ability to significantly improve the beauty of buildings, which can have a positive psychological impact on a person. When people have contact with energy-efficient developments, in this case green roofs, their level of stress reduces and mental well-being increases due to the positive psychological effects of proximity to plants and nature on humans. 

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Due to such significant environmental and aesthetic benefits of green roofs, the global roofing market is gaining momentum around the world.

The demand for green roofs is mainly witnessed in European countries such as Germany, France, and Switzerland. Green roofs have high significance in Europe owing to the need to bring wildlife back into the urban realm and mitigate adverse environmental conditions.


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