Medical Robotic Systems Expected to Take up Lion’s Share of Minimally Invasive Surgery Market in Latin America by 2020

Advances in the minimally invasive surgery (MIS) market in the last two decades and particularly in the past few years have shown tremendous promise due to the rapid adoption of MIS by physicians around the world. Surgeries that were once lengthy and entailed painful incisions requiring substantial recovery time, monitoring, and scarring on the patient’s body, are now put to an end because of the introduction of minimally invasive surgery techniques and advanced surgical tools. As endoscopy and laparoscopy have evolved rapidly in the global market, the scope of minimally invasive surgery has also grown significantly.  

Key Benefits of Minimally Invasive Surgery Procedures

With minimally invasive and robotic surgery, the patients’ recovery time could include a hospital stay of just three to five days, with a full recovery time of nearly eight weeks. In most cases, patients are able to go home the same day they are operated open, or the next day, depending on their individual medical conditions. 

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Minimally invasive surgery utilizes advanced technology to treat conditions without, as the name implies, causing any damage to the surrounding soft tissues in the body. MIS procedures are based on computer-assisted technology such as nerve monitoring and computer navigation. The equipment used for minimally invasive surgery consists of highly specialized tools and instruments, providing safe and effective treatment. 

Less Pain: Leading research studies have shown that patients undergoing MIS procedures endure less pain and discomfort, and need smaller doses of pain relievers. 

Higher Rate of Accuracy: MIS procedures are typically video-assisted, which offers surgeons better visualization of internal organs and structures. These procedures are more accurate and effective, providing optimum results.

Less Injury to Tissue: As there are no long incision procedures involved in MIS, the overall time taken to perform an MIS procedure is less than conventional surgeries. These factors lead to less tissue damage and quicker recovery.  

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Minimally invasive surgeries (MIS) ensure that the patients have minimal trauma, short recovery time, and thus a reduced duration of hospital stay. Owing to these advantages, allied to the expanding population base and high demand for cost-effective surgical products, the market for minimally invasive surgery in Latin America is witnessing rapid growth.  

Medical Robotic Systems to Witness Fastest Growth in Latin America Market

Currently, the Latin America minimally invasive surgery market is rising at a rapid pace, as MIS procedures are increasingly producing effective results. Although surgical devices held the largest share in the minimally invasive surgery market in 2013, the surgical medical robots segment is expected to exhibit the maximum growth rate during the 2014-2020 forecast period. Recent technological advancements in Latin America have expanded the usage of medical robots into a broad range of applications. The introduction of medical robots coupled with imaging systems is likely to propel the minimally invasive surgery market in Latin America.


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