Production of Technical Textiles, Apparel in Asia Pacific Boosts Demand for Lyocell Fiber

Lyocell is an artificial fiber derived from cellulose. The manufacture of lyocell fibers consists of the application of dry jet-wet spinning on bleached wood pulp, making it a regenerated fiber. The organic nature of lyocell fibers makes them soft and comparable in applicability to other natural fibers such as cotton. It is wrinkle-free and doesn’t lose its structural rigidity when wet, which makes it applicable in a wide gamut of purposes in the modern world.

Transparency Market Research states that the global lyocell fiber market was worth US$692.7 million in 2013 and is expected to grow to US$1,179.5 million by 2020, rising at a strong CAGR of 7.9%. The main driving factor for the lyocell fiber market was demand from Asia Pacific and from the technical textiles industry.

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India Showing Strong Growth Prospects for Global Lyocell Fiber Market

Within Asia Pacific, the lyocell fiber markets in China and India lead the charts, with the two also being among the global leaders in textile and apparel exporters. Lyocell fiber has a major role in global apparel production, with 55% of total production of lyocell fiber being diverted to apparel manufacture.

While China has been a traditional powerhouse in textile production, India has made huge gains in recent years. Overtaking European giants Germany and Italy, India now stands as the second largest textile exporter in the world, comfortably outperformed by China but still accounting for more than 5% of global textile production. According to 2013 figures, India’s textile exports totaled to a valuation of more than US$40 billion.

India’s export of apparel also increased considerably, jumping from the 8th position to the 6th in the list of the largest exporters of apparel around the world in 2013. This is expected to result in excellent growth prospects for the Asia Pacific lyocell fiber market, which dominated the global lyocell fiber market in 2013 and will remain the dominant regional segment of the market through the decade.

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Growth of Asia Pacific Technical Textiles Market Helping Lyocell Fiber Market

Technical textiles are various types of textiles that display higher performance norms than regular textiles. As a result, these textiles are used in specialized applications where consistent high performance is needed. Lyocell fiber, due to its durability and light weight, presents itself as a natural candidate for utilization in technical textiles.

Like other applications of lyocell fiber, the technical textiles market is going strong in Asia Pacific, with 45% of the global technical textiles being taken up by APAC. This will be a strong driver for the global lyocell fiber market in the coming years.

A major restraint acting on the global lyocell fiber market is the easy availability of substitute products, especially in applications that can make do with a slight reduction in performance.

Medical Applications Widening Horizons of Lyocell Fiber Market

Lyocell fiber is gaining new applications in the medical and healthcare industry, thanks to the high performance it delivers and the minimal reduction in performance even due to getting wet. These emerging applications in medical fibers, such as gauze and bandages, are expected to provide a crucial boost to the global lyocell fiber market in the coming years.


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