Pinoxaden Market to Rise owing to Increase in Requirement for High-yield Crops and Rising Awareness amongst Farmers on Weed Control

Pinoxaden is a grass-active compound patented by Syngenta Crop Protection AG, Basel, Switzerland. This innovative herbicide is being developed for worldwide utilization in cereal crops such as barley and wheat, as it impedes the development of weeds in a way that is not harmful for the environment or the crops. This is the reason why pinoxaden is preferred over all the other available chemical herbicides. 

TMR, a market intelligence company, presents observations on the pinoxaden market and the growth prospects of the same in the near future.

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What Are the Prime Drivers Augmenting the Demand for Pinoxaden?

The rise in agricultural production worldwide and the increase in requirement for high-yield crops for meeting the demand of the expanding global population are the key factors stimulating the demand for pinoxaden. Additionally, the rise in awareness amongst farmers on measures for weed control is also a key driver for the demand for pinoxaden in the near future. Furthermore, the rising trend of utilizing herbicides in the modern field of agriculture will further augment the demand for pinoxaden. The following are two major herbicides that utilize pinoxaden.
  • Axial: Axial is utilized for controlling weeds in different cereals. They contain pinoxaden with the aim to control ryegrass, wild oats, foxtail, and birdseed. Axial has been prepared as an emulsion concentrate comprising pinoxaden and cloquintocet mexyl. 
  • Traxos: Traxos is also an emulsion concentrate comprising clodinafop and pinoxaden, and is used only in wheat.  The areas where Traxos is primarily used are soft wheat and durum wheat. 
Both Traxos and Axial present huge benefits to farmers. Some of the key benefits provided by them include increased efficacy against weeds as well as flexibility and ease of usage with no environmental hazards.

Pinoxaden  can be applied at both the early and late growth stages in both wheat and barley and is utilized to prevent weeds, namely Lolium (ryegrass), Apera (bentgrass), Avena (wild oats), Alopecurus (blackgrass), Poa (meadowgrass), Setaria (foxtails), and Phalaris (canary grass). Pinoxaden is normally utilized in addition to safeners, namely clodinafop-propargyl and cloquintocet-mexyl.

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Key manufacturers
  • Syngenta Crop Protection AG: Syngenta is a world-renowned agri-business and is involved in the manufacture, discovery, marketing, and development of a wide range of products. These items are designed for improving the yielding power of crops and for improving the food quality. The best example to elaborate this is the launch of pinoxaden. Syngenta patented pinoxaden and it was introduced into the market in 2005.  
  • Hebei Duoke Chemical Technology Co., Ltd: This company is located at Shijiazhuang, which is the capital of Hebei province and has been honored as a high-tech enterprise involved in manufacturing, researching, exporting, and developing advanced active pharmaceutical ingredients, along with several other fine chemicals.
Some other manufacturers of pinoxaden are Agchem Access, Advanced Technology, and Haihang Industry.


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