Promise of Fast Recovery Behind Rising Popularity of Platelet-rich-plasma Therapies

Platelet-rich-plasma (PRP) is a volume of autologous plasma with concentration of platelets above the average level. PRP is touted as a breakthrough product in the field of bone and soft tissue healing, a relatively new product of biotechnology that is gaining increased interest in cellular therapy and tissue engineering.

PRP therapy is widely touted as a natural pain management technique that aids in speeding-up the healing process of our body. Initially, PRP therapy was used after spinal surgeries to speed-up the process of bone healing. Later on, facial and oral surgeons started using the technique to regrow bones after surgeries such as facial reconstruction and bone grafting. The technique is now used in a vast variety of injuries, conditions such as tendonitis, chronic pain, and more. More importantly, PRP therapy is used on a huge scale for treating sports injuries in athletes.

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A Treatment Method that Holds Great Promise of Fast Recovery
PRP therapy promises positive results in terms of enhanced healing response of the body. By directing platelets precisely at the site of injury, PRP therapy increases the chances of optimal tissue restoration. However currently, research studies to support these promises are lacking. The popularity of the technique is therefore, not very widespread and adoption is rather sparse. Even though the success rates of PRP therapy are questionable, only a few risks are associated with it such as the possibility of increased pain at the site of injection. Possibility of occurrence of other problems such as tissue damage, nerve injuries, and infection is not much different from that related with treatment by the virtue of cortisone injections.

PRP therapies are known to prove especially more beneficial in injury sites that do not have enough supply of blood, such as ligaments and tendons. Traditionally, treatment of such structures often requires invasive therapies. PRP therapy is a much less invasive treatment alternative. By using a fluoroscope or an ultrasound, physicians can inject platelet-rich-plasma at the site of injury in a very precise manner. The platelets begin to speed-up the process of healing immediately upon injection, leading to rapid recovery. No supplementary medication or chemicals are involved in a PRP therapy, so the chances of causing side effects is very rare.

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.. And thus Demand is Rapidly Rising
According to a market research report published by Transparency Market Research, the global market for platelet-rich plasma was valued at US$16 million in 2013. Rise in therapies utilizing PRP across the globe, especially from the fields of sports injuries, orthopedic injuries, and cosmetic surgeries, is expected to drive the market at 11.9% CAGR between 2014 and 2020. This will allow the market to reach a valuation of nearly US$35 million by 2020.

While a rising number of orthopedic diseases and sports injuries across the globe is the greatest demand driver of PRP therapies, technological development and quickened regulatory processes for the approval of new equipment and devices are also benefitting the global PRP market.

On the flip side, the high costs associated with PRP therapies, plasma products, facilitating devices, and threat of failure of therapies are factors hampering growth of the market globally.

Nevertheless, the market in the near future will benefit from the rising number of research studies establishing the efficiency of PRP therapies and the rising adoption of these therapies by leading sportspersons across the globe. Furthermore, the market will also benefit from technological advancements in PRP therapy facilitating devices and introduction of innovative techniques for administering platelet-rich-plasma. Such factors will boost the global platelet rich plasma market in the near future. 


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