Urgent Care Centers Market to Rise thanks to the Arrival of New Patient Care Services

Originating from the requirement for immediate care in non-emergency situations, urgent care centers have established their position in the past decade. Urgent care centers are a very convenient solution in cases where the patient’s regular physician is not able to provide timely treatment. Additionally, in a situation of a sudden illness, urgent care centers are a superior substitute to waiting for several hours at a hospital emergency room. Urgent care centers provide services for injuries, moderate illnesses, routine vaccinations, monitoring, screening, and lab tests, among others.

Presently, there are a number of new trends emerging in the urgent care centers market, which are poised to change the overall direction of this market in the coming future. TMR, a market intelligence company, elaborates upon the four key current trends in the market for urgent care centers.

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Health Systems Building, Partnering with, or Acquiring Urgent Care Centers:  Various health care providers have realized that rather than competing with urgent care centers, they should instead willingly acquire a number of urgent care groups as a channel to offer specialty care to reduce the competition. This has come up as a win-win situation for both the health systems and the urgent care centers, as urgent care centers are boosted by the interaction with the larger business entities within the health care industry.
More patient care services provided by Urgent care centers: Nowadays, urgent care is not just about immediate care, as the nature of services demanded by patients is shifting.  Urgent care centers are slowly emerging as centers for primary care and as a result, a wide variety of urgent services are being provided by these primary care centers. In the future, Botox treatment, and alcohol detox and follow-up services are also predicted to become a part of urgent care centers.

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Medical Groups and Insurance Companies Joint Venturing or Acquiring Urgent Care Units: Due to large investment in urgent care centers, insurance companies are willing to acquire these centers. For instance, after Humana took over Concentra, the biggest urgent care center operator in the U.S., many other insurance companies are on the lookout for acquiring large urgent care centers. The other key reason for acquiring these centers is that they help in reducing the total cost expended in healthcare for insurance payers.

Consistent Development of Retail-based Urgent Care Centers: Retailers have also emerged in the market with branded, small healthcare clinics inside their retail stores. The best examples of such retailers are CVS, Walmart, Walgreens, and Target. The retail clinics within these retailers provide simpler services than standard urgent care centers, such as flu shots and health screenings.

Thus, the trends in the urgent care centers market are rapidly changing and this patient-favorable influence of urgent care centers is actually a step forward for the urgent care centers market. However, the consistent physician shortage seen in urgent care centers and the huge initial investment involved in the establishment of these centers could limit the market’s growth to some extent in the coming future.


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