Construction Chemicals Market Driven by High Demand for New Chemicals to Improve Infrastructural Needs

Construction chemicals are various chemicals used in construction activities to build residential or non-residential structures. These compounds belong to a niche segment of the chemical industry and are playing an increasingly important role in infrastructure building. Construction chemicals can be used either in new construction projects to strengthen the structures and impart durability or in existing construction projects to speed up the construction work. These chemicals are essential for high-quality concrete development and also for promoting the improvement of the performance of concrete. In the overall growth of the construction industry, construction chemicals play a vital role.

The global construction chemicals market is expected to attain a market value of US$37.68 billion by 2020, growing from a value of US$21.12 billion in 2012. It is anticipated to rise at a CAGR of 8.7% from 2013 to 2019. Rising development of the biobased construction chemicals segment is likely to boost growth opportunities for the market in the future. 

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Factors that have Triggered the Growth of the Construction Chemicals Market

In the recent past, the construction chemicals market has evolved significantly, with new and complex chemicals enhancing properties of construction materials such as reduced water requirement, strength, and increased resistance to corrosion and abrasion. Today, some of the chemical products available in the market help in minimizing the quantities of cement and water used in the construction. They help in increasing the life of the construction work and offer additional protection from environmental hazards. 

The market for construction chemicals is highly dependent on the infrastructure and real estate sectors. Owing to favorable initiatives by several governments to improve the infrastructure and conquer the housing deficit, investments in infrastructure and affordable housing have increased over the past few years. Increasing investments in both new construction and improvement and repair projects will drive the demand for construction chemicals in the near future.

Moreover, increase in the consumer preference for green buildings, coupled with the presence of strict safety regulations, is another key factor driving the construction chemicals market across the globe. Such factors are expected to provide huge opportunities for the construction chemicals industry by 2020. 

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India Construction Chemicals Market Expected to Gain Momentum by 2020

The market for construction chemicals is still at a nascent stage in Asia Pacific, especially in India, as compared to developed countries because of the price-consciousness of customers as well as the limited awareness about construction chemical products and their benefits. 

Nevertheless, these aspects are expected to change in Asia Pacific due to the rapidly emerging construction industry in India as well as Japan. Due to the wide adoption of international standards and increase in high-rise buildings in several cities in India, the growth prospects of construction chemicals are very bright in this region in the coming years. 


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