European Semiconductor Shipments Show Uptick in July 2015: ESIA

The European Semiconductor Industry Association (ESIA) has reported that the July 2015 shipments of semiconductors saw a marginal spike over June 2015 numbers. The shipments of semiconductors in July approximated US$2.837 billion in July 2015 – a 0.4% hike over the previous month. Market analysts are expecting this upward graph in semiconductor shipments in Europe to continue as the electronics and semiconductor technology finds its footing anew.

Although the shipments, when expressed in U.S. dollars, show a marginal increase in value, the same doesn’t hold true when the shipments are stated in euros. In euros, semiconductor shipments were pegged at €2.55bn in July 2015 which marks a 0.3% decline as compared to the previous month. On the bright side, the sales of semiconductors have risen 7.1% over July 2014, the ESIA says.

The increased demand for semiconductors and microprocessors is being attributed to the positive scenario that’s currently being observed in the logic semiconductor segment. The European IT industry is now also showing an increased demand for memory products, which continue to find uses in novel applications.

The last three months have looked good for the European technology industry, with both consumer and investor sentiment recovering. However, the European technology sector will continue to joust against other factors over the next few years until a full and more stable recovery is reported.

According to the ESIA, the last three months have been particularly positive for the electronics and semiconductor segment. Demand was seen to be strongest for semiconductor devices that are used in computing devices, consumer goods, and communications. There has also been a reported rise in the demand for wire communication applications, which have indirectly augured pushed up sales of semiconductors in Europe. Although 2015 is far from coming to a close, the year has already brought in much dynamism to the semiconductor sector in Europe – a trend that will likely continue into the next year as well.


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