Global Attapulgite (Colloidal and Sorptive) Market Boosted by Growing Demand for Cat Litter Absorbents, to Grow at 8.3% CAGR by 2020

The global attapulgite market was valued at US$238.5 million in 2013 and is expected to be valued at US$418.8 million by 2020. The constant growth in demand for cat litter absorbents has allowed the global attapulgite market to grow at an 8.3% CAGR. By volume, the demand for attapulgite (colloidal and sorptive) stood at 1,391.8 kilo tons, globally.   

The global attapulgite market is driven by the demand for cat litter absorbents, oil rig drilling, development of the healthcare industry, and growth in construction activities globally. Cat litter absorbents, prepared by using attapulgite clay, absorb urine and leave the surface clean for further use. In 2013, the demand for attapulgite cat litter absorbent segment remained steady at 508.9 kilo tons. Attapulgite cat litter absorbents will continue to dominate the global attapulgite market during the forecast period. 

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The global attapulgite market is segmented on the basis of products, end use, and geography. By product type or chemical and physical characteristics, the global attapulgite market is segmented into colloidal and sorptive attapulgite. Based on end use, the global attapulgite market is divided into cat litter absorbents, paints and coating, oil and gas, medical and pharmaceutical, agriculture, and others. 

New Cat Litter Absorbents to Boost Global Attapulgite Market 

The growing number of pet owners has driven the global attapulgite market. The colloidal grade attapulgite segment led the global attapulgite market with a 65% market share in 2013. Cat litter absorbents led the end-use segmentation of the attapulgite market, accounting for 60% of the global attapulgite market. Most of the key market players develop cat litter absorbents. Development of cat litter absorbents with eco-friendly attributes by many market players has helped the global attapulgite market.

Geohellas S.A., a technical clays company in Greece, recently announced its plans to establish new innovations in attapulgite deposits in Europe. Geohellas discovered their attapulgite deposits in Northern Greece in 1998 and has been constantly extracting since then. Geohellas has come up with innovative methods such as dynamisation, thermal, and mechanical, to improve the anti-diarrheal properties of attapulgite. Optimization of the performance of intestinal micro flora, binding of the toxins produced by fungi, and binding of the toxinogens produced by clostridia and E. coli are some of the major actions of attapulgite. This reduces mortality in almost all young animals and improves the rate at which animals develop. The binding of zearalenone and toxins affects the overall fertility of the animals and increases the productivity. Geohellas has recently developed a range of attapulgite products used in the animal feeding industry. 

North America to Dominate Attapulgite Market with Growing Demand for Cat Litter Absorbents

Based on geography, the global attapulgite market is divided into regions such as North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Rest of the World. Key players from across all regions have started using attapulgite for cat litter absorbents. Some of the key market players, which contributed in the global attapulgite market, are Active Minerals International LLC, BASF Corporation, MinTech International, KPL International Limited, Ashwa Minerals Private Limited, Geohellas S.A., Manek Minerals, Gujarat Minechem, and Gunjan Minerals Pvt. Ltd. 


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