Growing Demand from Data Centers and the IT Sector to Fuel the Global Harmonic Filter Market

Devices that are used to reduce the harmonics in certain equipment are known as harmonic filters. Problems associated with the quality of power is because of harmonic frequencies that tend to occur in most electrical systems. If this problem goes ignored, it can lead to overheating of transformers and conductors, and also the inefficient working of electrical equipment. Excessive harmonics leads to situations such as computer lock-ups, PLC related issues, and even spurious VFD (variable frequency drives) alarms.

Surging demand for power quality coupled with widespread adoption of VFDs is what fuels the global market for harmonic filters. Lack of consumer awareness and low degree of product differentiation are factors which hamper the growth of the global harmonic filter market. Furthermore, the high costs of harmonic filters discourage the demand for the same across various end-use industries.

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What Drives the Demand for Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs)?

Variable frequency drives help in regulating and controlling the torque output or the speed of electric plants that are essentially motor-driven. Over a period of time, it leads to energy and cost savings. Be it pumps, fans, or HVACs, it has been observed that that variable frequency drives are one of the best choices when it comes to emission control and cost savings. Manufacturers of VFDs do not manufacture harmonic filters. The equipment and devices that make use of variable frequency drives will have the problem of harmonics.

Harmonics cause commutation losses, additional load losses, iron losses, rotor winding losses, and stator winding losses. So one of the best solutions in tackling this problem at a very economical price is installing harmonic filters. Government regulations and surging demand from data centers and the area of information technology are anticipated to create several opportunities for the further expansion of the global harmonic filter market.

Innovation: A Key Focus Area in the Global Harmonic Filter Market

Besides IT and data centers, the other end users in the global harmonic filter market are food processing, oil and gas, packaging, automotive, and water treatment. The key companies operating in the global harmonic filter market are Schneider Electric, Schaffner Holding AG, Siemens AG, MTE Corporation, Janitza Electronics GMBH, Epcos AG, Emerson Network Power, Eaton Corporation, Danfoss A/S, Crompton Greaves Ltd., Baron Power Ltd., and ABB Ltd. amongst others.

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MTE Corporation, one of the four main segments of New Jersey based SL Industries Inc., recently launched the High Frequency SineWave Guardian, which is a motor protection filter. It is the very first and the one and only solution for motor protection, which is optimized for motors with high frequencies. The High Frequency SineWave Guardian offers efficiently protects an equipment from the adverse effects of waveforms created by VFDs of high switching frequencies, and also from the harmful impact of PWM (pulse width modulation). 


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