Increasing Oil Drilling Activities Expected to Stimulate Demand for Clear Brine Fluids

The recent global increase in oil drilling activities is one of the main factors fuelling the demand for clear brine fluids all across the globe. Ongoing market trends indicate that a high number of oil drilling activities will mainly be observed in Africa, China, Brazil, and the U.S. in the forthcoming years. With “The Golden Triangle” project in the pipeline, it is anticipated that the investment levels in the global clear brine fluids market will rise dramatically in the years to come. The main area of focus will be greater deepwater explorations. 

Choosing the right clear brine fluids is a rather challenging task for most oil companies. The need for clear brine fluids arises due to the production problems caused by corrosion, formation damage, and the issue of cracks in the area of tubing metallurgy, because of the chemical reaction between fluids and other fluid additives or production gases. It is not only the technical complexity that drives the demand for clear brine fluids but also the economics behind it, in terms of choosing the best clear brine fluids. 

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Growing Popularity of Cesium Formate Brine to Fuel Clear Brine Fluids Market 

The prominent companies in the global clear brine fluids market are Halliburton Company, Zirax Ltd., TETRA Technologies Inc., M-I SWACO, Israel Chemicals, Great Lake Solutions, Geo Drillings Fluids, Inc., and Albemarle Corporation. Cabot Corporation, a U.S.-based specialty chemicals company, is trying to increase industrial awareness about the use of cesium formate brine as a clear brine fluid. According to this company, using cesium formate brine ensures that the workover and completion operations are more efficient and effective. The company takes into account the following factors while supplying cesium formate brine of a non-damaging nature for most downhole environments: true crystallization point, density, pressurized crystallization temperature, clarity, and viscosity. 

The use of cesium formate brine proves to be quite economical, since many a time, it doesn’t need to be combined with expensive additives such as surfactants, weighting materials, corrosion inhibitors, and scavengers. Most oil drilling companies are replacing commonly used high-risk halides with cesium formate brine as a clear brine fluid for carrying out drilling activities in extreme and uncertain well environments. 

Why are Clear Brine Fluids Gaining Popularity?

Apart from being environment-friendly, clear brine fluids exhibit minimal corrosive action on tools and also have a high penetration rate in various rock formations. Apache Corporation Drilling and Completions is a prominent player in the global oil drilling market that has been using brine-based fluids for more than four decades. A senior official of this company also stated that drilling certain salt sections becomes very complex in the absence of clear brine fluids.

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Brine is a widely preferred choice as against water-based muds, since the former reduces the chances of clay swelling, which is a major problem in oil drilling activities. What also makes clear brine fluids versatile is their capacity to be used as a displacement fluid. As displacement fluids, clear brine fluids remove unwanted particles such as muds and gravel that get added to the crude oil in the course of drilling. 


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