Intel Forms Automotive Security Review Board (ASRB) to Address Concerns about Hacking in Smart Vehicles

With autonomous and smart vehicles grabbing the headlines, experts have raised questions about how vulnerable these vehicles can potentially be to hackers and malicious viruses. Modern vehicles are estimated to have about 100 electronic control units (ECUs). In a bid to address these concerns, Intel has brought together experts from the tech industry to form a board that will work on ways to address dangers that hackers are likely to pose to autonomous vehicles. According to a press released from Intel, the automotive security review board (ASRB) has been formed with the express intention of mitigating security threats and risks that the new generation of smart vehicles is likely experience.

The results of the solutions obtained from the ASRB will be made public by Intel and the best ideas will be awarded a car. The company’s statement also described the ASRB as a forum where the best talent from the cyber-physical security area will come together. The new board will primarily see experts conducting regular audits to assess the safety and security of smart vehicles. As part of this endeavor, experts will also lay down best practices for advanced automotive safety.

In the past, several groups of hackers have successfully demonstrated how easy it is to remotely hack into the software programs of smart vehicles. Right from disabling vehicle controls to tampering with the HVAC systems of automobiles, hackers can take control of virtually any aspect of smart and connected cars. It is expected that these problems will only be compounded when autonomous vehicles become mainstream. Intel’s move comes at a time when there are several concerns associated with whether smart vehicles are indeed safe.

The recommendations and solutions provided by the ASRB will be geared toward both the automotive industry and consumers alike. Intel has said several times in the past that connected vehicles are most vulnerable to hacking and malicious attacks by cyber criminals.


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