Nanosilver Market Forays into Africa for Treating Ebola

The medicinal benefits of silver have been well known for years. Since ancient times, silver particles have been used for antibacterial purposes. Recent advances in nanoscience have led to development of nanosilver particles that are being used for several purposes in various industrial verticals. A nanosilver particle ranges in diameter from 1-100 nanometers. This tiny size enables nanoparticles to attack bacteria that it may come in contact with and kill them. This property of nanosilver particle is making it popular in storing food to prevent poisoning. 

Global Nanosilver Market to reach US$1,845.6 million by 2020
According to a research report published by Transparency Market Research, the global nanosilver market is was valued at US$682.0 million in 2013 and is expected to be worth US$1,845.6 million by 2020, growing at a sturdy CAGR of 15.4% between 2014 and 2020.

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This high growth rate will be supported by the burgeoning demand for nanosilver for manufacturing consumer products and due to its antimicrobial applications, especially in developed countries. This demand will also be fueled by the trend of miniaturization of electronic products. Some of the biggest opportunities for the global nanosilver market are the novel applications of nanosilver in the medical, textile, and electronics industries. The only major restraint on the global nanosilver market is the constantly fluctuating prices of silver and the relatively higher cost of nanosilver as compared to regular silver.

The global nanosilver market has been segmented on the basis of end use into electrical and electronics, healthcare, food and beverages, water treatment, textile, and others such as detergents, plastics, and pesticides. Geographically, the global nanosilver market has been segmented into North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, and Rest of the World. According to the research report, the electrical and electronics industry held the biggest share in the global nanosilver market in 2013, at 37% of the total global demand. This is expected to continue, due to increasing need of nanosilver in products such as water purifiers, air purifiers, refrigerators, washing machines, and hair dryers.

Usage of Nanosilver in Ebola Treatment
In a recent news, the Wall Street Journal reported that Ebola victims in Nigeria will get nanosilver in order to treat the infection. This move came after the World Health Organization decided to sanction the usage of unlicensed Ebola drugs in the affected region of West Africa. Use of nanosilver in treating hemorrhagic fever viruses such as Ebola has also been endorsed by research conducted by the U.S. government. The study was conducted with cell cultures and many virus-like particles and viruses. The study showed that nanoparticles of silver penetrated the virus cells and made them inefficient.

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Some of the key players in the nanosilver market are NovaCentrix, Nano Silver Manufacturing Sdn Bhd, Ames Goldsmith Corporation, Advanced Nano Products Co. Ltd., Applied Nanotech Holdings, Inc., Creative Technology Solutions Co. Ltd., NanoMas Technologies, Inc., Bayer MaterialScience AG, ras materials - Zukunft clever gestalten, and SILVIX Co., Ltd.


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