Proactive Research and Novel Formulations Sought to Change Dynamics of Global Osteoporosis Drugs Market

Rising prevalence of osteoporosis on a global level is a critical healthcare issue before the world today. Osteoporosis, the condition in which the density and mass of bones is depleted leading to a significant alteration in bone’s microstructure, increases the threat of bone cracks and fractures. As treatment of osteoporosis has no distinct substitute (such as surgery), drug therapy is imperative. The mounting incidences of bone fractures and cracks stemming from osteoporosis and introduction of a number of improved drug classes are the chief factors driving the global osteoporosis drugs market.

A latest market research study published by Transparency Market Research states that the global osteoporosis drugs market will expand at a positive, but a mediocre CAGR of 1.20% between 2014 and 2020. At this pace, the market, which had a net valuation of US$8.4 bn in 2013, will rise to US$8.9 bn by 2020.

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Bisphosphonates Currently Lead the Market but Novel Formulations Will Soon Pace-up 

In 2013, nearly 48% of the overall osteoporosis drugs sold in the global market were from the bisphosphonates drug class. This scenario is expected to soon change owing to the impending expiry of patents for drugs such as Reclast and Boniva. Frequent occurrence of chronic side-effects due to the use of these medications, and the continuously declining demand for Fosamax, the highest revenue generating drug in this class, are also expected to pull back bisphosphonates from the global market for osteoporosis drugs.

Proactive Research and Innovations by Businesses to Boost Global Osteoporosis Drug Market 

The market for osteoporosis features only a handful of drug manufacturers. Nevertheless, the market is ripe with research activities and development of innovative solutions for treating osteoporosis. Several novel formulations and compounds for osteoporosis therapeutics are under clinical and preclinical stages of investigation. Some of the most important drug candidates in clinical trial phase are Romosozumab and Odanacatib.  These drugs are currently in the phase III of clinical trials. 

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Romosozumab, the drug developed by drug company Amgen, has achieved positive top-line results in a trial held for testing the effect of Romosozumab on postmenopausal women with osteoporosis. The company has also noted that the drug has shown fewer side effects as compared to the drugs that are currently available in the market and shows improved efficacy.

Odanacatib, the investigational once-per-week oral dosage of selective cathepsin-K inhibitor, developed by Merck, has also shown robust effects in reducing the prevalence of fracture in postmenopausal women in phase III clinical trial results. Odanacatib has also shown a reduction in the risk of osteoporotic hip, non-vertebral, and spine fractures as compared with placebo in clinical trials.

The launch of these and many other novel osteoporosis drugs in the near future is expected to have a huge impact on the overall development of the global osteoporosis drugs market. Other important businesses operating in the market include Novartis International AG, and Pfizer, Inc. in 2013, Eli Lilly and Company led the market of osteoporosis drugs, followed by Amgen and Pfizer.


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