Rising Oil and Gas Production by Newly Launched High-Tech Equipment to Fuel Global Static and Rotating Equipment Market

Static and rotating equipment comprise a vital part within oil and gas infrastructure. Emerging technologies, including oil production via unconventional sources, are predicted to be the key demand drivers for the static equipment and rotating equipment markets in the forthcoming future.  On the basis of products, the static and rotating equipment are sub-segmented into many types. Stating equipment includes boilers, valves, heat exchangers, and furnaces. Rotating equipment includes pumps, turbines, and compressors. 

TMR, a market intelligence company, throws light on the key products and recent launches of top players operating in the market for stating and rotating equipment. 

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Alfa Laval AB: This is a Swedish company founded in 1883, and engages in specialized solutions and product manufacturing for heavy industries. Alfa Laval provides one of the most extensive product ranges in marine boilers. The first marine boiler was designed in 1919 in Denmark. The boilers have been utilized in the refining industry for cooling and generation of steam.

  • Aalborg OS-TCi – This oil-fired Aalborg OS-TCi is a high-efficiency boiler used in steam production.
  • Aalborg OS – This is a standard preassembled boiler in which high performance is ensured through the utilization of pin-tube elements that are optimally designed.
  • Aalborg OM – This is a medium-capacity, high performance oil-fired auxiliary boiler utilized for hot water or steam production.

Pentair plc: Pentair is a global leader engaged in making automation solutions and valves for solving critical challenges. It has relief valves for the prevention of catastrophic equipment failure, control valves for super critical steam power plants, and high integrity isolation valves for high temperature situations. Apart from these, the significant valves made by Pentair include:

  • Pressure Relief Valves – Pentair has been keeping assets and employees safe via both direct spring operated pressure relief valves and pilot-operated valves. The applications of these valves include liquid, steam, gas, multi-phase, and air flow conditions. 
  • Quarter Turn Valves – Pentair has introduced a full range of quarter-turn valves such as highly engineered triple-offset, lined butterfly, resilient-seated butterfly, trunnion-mounted, and floating ball valves. These valves can be configured and customized in accordance with a broad range of industrial applications.

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Doosan Group: This company was founded in 1904 after the Doosan ┼ákoda Power's antecedent manufactured the 412 kW steam turbine. Since then, the company has been expanding its turbine production. Its gas turbines, particularly aero derivative gas turbines, have been deployed in both onshore and offshore oil and gas facilities for power generation and mechanical drive. 

  • Bleeder, back-pressure, and condensing turbines: These turbines have been broadly used in a number of major industries such as desalination, chemicals, and steel. 
  • Saturated Stream Turbine Technology: Doosan Group has been the leading manufacturer of saturated stream turbine technology utilized in nuclear plants. These turbines are optimized in accordance with the high demands of nuclear technology and are optimized for increased power and efficiency. 

These product launches are poised to have a positive effect on the overall market, although the money invested in such equipment is to a great extent dependent on the E&P budget and planned capital expenditure of key oil and gas companies.


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