Samsung has Filed Highest Auto Patents in Last Decade; could be Outpaced by Google Soon

Mobile phone technology is not the only battlefield for Apple and Samsung. Judging by the way things are shaping up, the two giants could be soon fighting it out in the automotive and battery technology arena soon. This is evident from the long list of patents filed by both companies.

Samsung, however, trumps Apple in the number of automotive-related patents owned. Google, not wanting to land at third spot in this race, has upped its ante and is investing feverishly in auto patents. Market analysts believe that if Google’s patent filing spree continues at the current rate, the technology major could soon outpace both Samsung and Apple in the number of auto patents owned. Of all auto patents owned by Samsung, most pertain to battery technology.

In the last ten years, Samsung has filed as many as 510 auto patents, most of which relate to data analytic, battery, and navigation. Samsung has already made some headway with its battery technology, with its battery division supplying power cells to BMW. The latter uses power cells from Samsung in electric engine vehicle models, the i8 and i3.

Google, on the other hand, reportedly owns 308 automotive technology patents – all amassed over the last decade. While Samsung’s interest areas lie in battery technology, Google is bullish on navigation technologies. This is not surprising considering that the tech giant has a massive maps business.

Surprisingly, in third place (by number of auto patents owned) is Microsoft with about 220 patents during the last decade. A quick analysis of all auto patents filed by Microsoft reveals that infotainment is the strong suit of the company. This make Apple the laggard in the auto patents race, with just 83 automotive-related patents to its credit. Most of Apple’s patents relate to interface technology.

This indicates that while the battle lines are indeed being drawn, it will be a while before the automotive sector sees any intense competition from the technology majors.


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