Robust Growth of Global Endoscopy Devices Market Attributed to Increasing Demand for Minimally Invasive Surgeries

Endoscopy devices continue to play an indispensable role in endoscopic surgical advances. The demand for these medical devices has surged exponentially in the last couple of years, and this rise can be attributed to the growing inclination in favor of minimally invasive surgeries. While the major applications of endoscopy devices are still in minimally invasive surgeries or MIS, their applicability has also extended into less risky exploratory medical procedures. Endoscopy has been around for a few decades. A school of medical historians suggest that the origin of the equipment can be traced back to the ancient Roman period. However, the exact period of its origin is yet to be discovered. What makes the history of endoscope more interesting is the fact that some time ago, a team of archeologists discovered an artefact in the Pompeii ruins that resembled an endoscope. Pompeii is believed to have been destroyed in AD 79, deeming it possible for the science of endoscopy to have existed before that time.  

Modern Endoscopy Begins in Early 19th Century

The invention of modern endoscopy devices is, however, ascribed by the contemporary medical historians to Philip Bozzini in 1805. Bozzini, according to findings, used a special tube designed by himself that was named “Lichtleiter” (or light guiding instrument) to examine the urinary tract minutely. Antoine Jean Desormeaux – a renowned French surgeon – later coined the name ‘endoscope’ for the device.

During the initial days of use of endoscopy devices, finding a safe source of light emerged as a major challenge. Thomas Edison resolved the challenge, but it took almost 30 years to practically integrate the light source in an endoscope device. Later on, in 1954, Hopkins designed a prototype of flexible fiber imaging. Many such inventions and technological upgrades later, endoscopy devices have emerged as an indispensable category of medical equipment.

Robust Growth Anticipated for Endoscopy Devices Market

According to a recent report published by Transparency Market Research, the global market for endoscopy devices, which stood at US$24.9 bn in 2012, will grow to US$36.9 bn by 2019. If the figures hold true, the market will exhibit a CAGR of 6.8% during the 2013-2019 period. In the last few years, the global endoscopy devices market has witnessed a robust growth in demand due to the growing preference for cost-effective and minimally invasive endoscopic procedures for surgical operations.

Endoscopy devices have helped reduce the risk of infections and blood loss due to their use in noninvasive procedures. Hence, the hospital stay for patients who underwent endoscopic procedures is also significantly less, due to the quicker recovery. These are the key reasons encouraging the adoption of endoscopy devices worldwide. Furthermore, advances introduced in endoscopy technology such as miniaturization of components, launch of wireless technology, and HD (high definition) and 3D visualization technologies have made diagnosis and surgery less risky. This has boosted the global endoscopy devices market in recent years. 


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