Greater Application in Media and Broadcasting to Fuel the Global Ultra High Definition (UHD) Panel (4K) Market

The growing popularity of UHD TVs in broadcasting and media and the surging demand for UHD displays from the commercial sectors are factors that drive the global UHD panel market. The key end users in the global UHD panel market are hospitality, retail, government, and public forums such as sports venues. Consumer electronic products such as tablets, laptops, display walls/screens, personal computers, cameras, and televisions are a few of the prominent applications of UHD panels.

UHD panels offer four times the enhanced resolution as against the full HD panels. It is anticipated that the global UHD panel market, which in 2013 stood at US$12887.1 mn will reach US$30404.6 mn by the end of the forecast period, thereby expanding at a remarkable CAGR of 12.60% from 2013 to 2020. Volume-wise, the global UHD panel market is projected to expand at 9.20% CAGR during the forecast period. It is also anticipated that the features offered by UHD TVs such as high picture resolution, extensive color gamut, and a broad dynamic range will create newer entertainment field and genres.

BBC Engineering Adopts the 4K UHD Technology for Improved Broadcasting Experience

Recently, BBC declared that it would soon be incorporating virtual reality, 4K UHD, and related technologies in order to ensure greater flexible foundations. BBC Engineering, the flexible arm of BBC has adopted an entirely new approach and structure of response to the way in which the internet has influenced not only the consumer audiences but also, media broadcasting. This involves the familiarization of how programs are created and also how people watch and listen to these.

BBC also stated that the use of the internet in delivering media services and content to the masses holds immense potential to bring about greater innovation and exploration of newer content via virtual reality and ultra HD. By 2016, BBC has plans of introducing 4K TV channels and programs in a formal and a more standardized way. A key focus area for BBC would be the development of a broadcast experience that would be necessary for the transmission of the Olympic Games to be held in 2016, 2020, and 2024.

Panasonic Corporation Receives the Netflix Recommendation

The prominent companies operating in the global UHD panel market are Changhong Electric Co. Ltd., Panasonic Corporation, Qingdao Haier Co. Ltd., Hisense Group Co. Ltd., Koninklijke Philips NV, Sony Electronics Inc., BOE Technology Group Co. Ltd., Sharp Corporation, AU Optronics Corporation, Innolux Corporation, LG Display Co Ltd., Toshiba Corporation, and Samsung Display Co. Ltd.

Japan based Panasonic Corporation, an MNC dealing in electronic goods, recently declared that its entire line of 4K UHD Smart TVs have received recognition from Netflix Inc., with the designation of “Netflix Recommended TV” that brings to the fore those television sets that provide high class smart TV experience to its customers. The “Netflix Recommended TV” designation has been received by Panasonic’s 2015 4K Ultra HDTVs namely, CX850, CX600, CX650, and the CX800 series. There are altogether nine models having screen sizes ranging between 50 inches and 65 inches.


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