X-Ray Segment Sees a Bright Future in Global Medical Imaging Equipment Market

The advent of medical imaging equipment has been a boon to the healthcare sector. Starting from the extensive usage of x-rays during World War II and the development of the digital computer, the evolution of ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging equipment has led to a magnificent growth in diagnostic imaging techniques in the past few years. Growth of the global medical imaging equipment market has given physicians more access to understanding the intensity of diseases, which has led to lowering the rate of morbidity.

X-Ray Segment Emerges as a Leader in Global Medical Imaging Equipment Market

The most popular kind of equipment used in the global medical imaging equipment market is x-ray imaging devices. According to research analysts, the key factor driving the global medical imaging equipment market is the increasing prevalence of respiratory, gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, oral, and genitourinary disorders. Estimates released by the WHO indicate that 80% to 90% adults between the age of 19 to 34 and 60% to 90% of school children will suffer from tooth cavities. Furthermore, the incidence of oral cancer lies between 1-10 cases every 100,000 individuals. These are the two factors that are likely to propel the global x-ray market, thereby making a significant contribution to the global medical imaging equipment market in the coming few years.

Ultrasound to Be the Popular Choice of Devices

The global medical imaging equipment market will also witness a surge in the usage of ultrasound systems as more and more healthcare facilities are adopting them for a wide range of diagnostics. The advantages offered by ultrasound systems, such as utmost safety, real-time image formation, and cost-effectiveness, are making it a popular equipment amongst physicians. Today, these devices are used for scanning and imaging the kidneys, the heart, and other organs, as opposed to using it merely for abdominal imaging purposes.

Some of the key players in the global medical imaging equipment market are Shimadzu Corporation, Philips Healthcare, Siemens Healthcare, Hologic Inc¸ Hitachi Medical Corporation, Genesis Medical Imaging Inc., GE Healthcare, Fujifilm Holdings Corporation, Samsung Medison Co. Ltd., Carestream Health Inc, Toshiba America Medical Systems Inc., and Fonar Corporation.

GE Healthcare and BIOTIC Collaborate for Research and Development for MRI Systems

Innovations and collaborations by leading companies such as GE Healthcare and BIOTIC are going to be the driving factor for this market. Recently, GE Healthcare in Canada announced its plans to work with BIOTIC on a Halifax-based research and development and technology program. This initiative will be directed towards bringing in technological advances to the medical imaging sector for making better diagnoses of diseases related to the prostate, the liver, and the brain.

The venture is aimed at validating the commercial usage of software-powered medical imaging technology as a complementary solution to other MRI systems offered by GE Healthcare. The collaboration will focus on working for GE’s latest acquisition of 3T magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technology at the QEII Health Sciences Centre. Such partnering and collaborative efforts of the key players in the global medical imaging equipment market are expected to bring in newer technologies that offer better medical intervention for efficient disease management.


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