New Energy-efficient Product Innovations Featuring Embedded Intelligence to Drive Medium and High Power Motors Market

The increasing cost of electricity and rigid regulations on electricity consumption have pushed industrial users to prefer energy-efficient machinery and electric motors in order to lower their operational costs. A large number of manufacturers have brought in new innovations and refinements in medium and high power electric motors that have fuelled the market for medium and high power electric motors. This is why the market is expected to reach US$69.9 bn by 2019.

TMR, a market intelligence company, has profiled the key manufacturers operating in this market, along with presenting their new product advancements. The prime application areas of these motors have also been elaborated in order to acquaint users with informational and up-to-date information.

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Regal Beloit: This company is a leading manufacturer of electric motors and is headquartered at Beloit, Wisconsin. Regal has sales, service, and manufacturing facilities in Canada, the U.S., Asia, and Europe. Being amongst the biggest electric motor manufacturers, Genteq brand’s brushless DC electric motors are made by Regal and are utilized in a number of variable-speed residential HVAC devices within the U.S.

DEC Star: This new blower and motor system utilized in HVAC equipment has been recently launched by Genteq, a Regal brand. The full form of DEC is dual-efficiency configuration and it is used in applications such as fan coil units, furnaces, and packaging units, among others.

LEESON Platinum e PMAC motors: Regal has introduced these motors with a permanent magnetic alternating current (PMAC) motor. They are used in air-conditioning and ventilation retrofits, blowers, fans, and pumps.

Asmo Co Ltd: This company manufactures, sells, and develops motor systems for office automation machines and automobiles. Various environmentally oriented products are provided by this company, such as electronic throttle valve control, electric power steering, variable nozzle turbo, motors for EGR systems, cooling fan motors, and electric water pumps, among others. This company presently manufactures electric motors that are utilized primarily in car air-conditioners, car ventilation systems, and power window systems.

Wiper Motors and Link: These are manufactured by Asmo and are crucial parts of a car wiper system. The motor helps move the links, thus resulting in the swiping movements of wiper movement. Wipers that are properly operating are very important for the proper cleaning of the car windshield.

Power Window Motor: The company has launched intelligent, reliable, and quiet motors that are used in window systems within car doors. A number of car manufacturers use motors made by Asmo in order to provide a pleasant and comfortable drive to their customers.

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Baldor Electric Company: This company is a leader in designing, manufacturing, and marketing mechanical power transmission product drives, industrial electric motors, and generator sets.

AC Brushless Servo N-Series Motors: These motors are utilized within the world’s most demanding and fastest applications such as robotics, capping machines, and packaging, among others.

Shaft Grounding Motors:  These motors comprise the Baldor internal shaft grounding brush and are utilized within applications having variable speed primarily within HVAC and pump industries.


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