With Eye Firmly on Google Glass, Samsung Files Patent for its own Futuristic Gadget

A recent patent filed by Samsung reveals that the tech giants is keeping a close watch on the way the Google Glass project is developing. The former plans to counter Google Glass with its own futuristic technological product – one that is a step ahead of its rival’s product.

It will be interesting to see how Samsung develops its soon-to-be patented technology considering that Google Glass couldn’t live up to the expectations of consumers despite being launched in the midst of much hype. Curiously, Google Glass’ high price tag is not the only thing impeding its popularity. Consumers continue to remain unclear about the uses of the gadget, and this has deterred them from making the purchase decision.

Samsung seems to have realized this drawback and has taken it as a cue to develop a gadget that offers everything that Google Glass does, only more. The patent filed by Samsung reveals that its gadget will allow users to interact with mid-air three-dimensional images. So, by projecting the image of a keypad mid-air, users can dial a number. Likewise, users could even play a virtual piano by projecting it mid-air.

The technology can also be used for projecting images on real-life objects. Thus, by projecting a number pad on their palm, users can use their palm to dial a number to a make a phone call. The patent application shows that Samsung intends to embed its gadget with a pair of cameras capable of projecting 3D images.

By allowing for an advanced input method in its patent-pending technology, Samsung hopes to address the key drawback that stopped Google Glass from achieving the expected level of success. While experts agree that the technology does look superior to Google’s, it remains to be seen if its execution remains as expected.


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