Launch of New Products by Top Players to Boost Eyewear Market

The eyewear market is majorly fuelled by the increasing population suffering from conditions such as presbyopia, myopia, astigmatism, and hyperopia. Thus, the increasing demand for corrective eyewear is the key driving factor responsible for the market’s growth. The younger generation, still in the vision development process, nowadays spends more time indoors in playing video games, watching TV, and interacting with numerous electronic devices, hence increasing the risk of vision problems. Additionally, senior and middle-aged consumers usually undergo a number of vision problems and use either prescription eyewear or reading glasses that are readymade for improving their vision.  Sunglasses and regular eyeglasses have also emerged as popular style statements. This is why manufacturers are continuously launching new eyewear having different styles and shapes for capitalizing on this developing trend. All these factors are poised to stimulate the global eyewear market.

There are a number of products in the eyewear market such as spectacles, including spectacle frames and spectacle lenses, contact lenses, and Plano sunglasses. TMR, a market intelligence company, elaborates on the new innovations in eyeglass lenses being introduced in the eyewear market by key players and explains the ways in which these products help in improving consumers’ vision.

·         Digital Lenses for Bespectacled Digital Device Users by Zeiss: Zeiss has launched various eyeglass coatings and lenses that are particularly made keeping in mind digital device users. The new digital lenses have been introduced by Zeiss in May 2015 and are designed for people who usually wear single vision lenses but require an extra boost while working on electronic devices. The Zeiss progressive lenses are optimized for achieving different vision goals. Amongst the lenses, Precision Pure lenses are made for the closer reading distance required while using tablets, computers, and smartphones, among others. Precision Plus lenses are the same as Precision Pure lenses, another category of Zeiss’ progressive lenses, but present a wider range of frame styles that cannot be accessed in other progressive lenses.

·         Signature VII Photochromic Lenses by Transitions Optical:  These lenses have been recently introduced and feature a new molecular and dye formulation technology that has made these lenses much more responsive to UV radiation as compared to all other lenses.  The Signature VII lenses become dark when exposed to indirect lightning and during hot days they become photochromic lenses. These lenses fade back to clear to present optimal clarity while they are being used indoors.

·         Recharge EX3 AR by Hoya Vision Care:  This is an anti-reflective next-generation lens treatment utilized to filter blue or HEV light. HEV light has a number of potential hazards related to it, such as blurred vision, eye fatigue, sleep disorders, headaches, and retinal photoreceptors getting damaged over time. This light is emitted by handheld devices including smartphones, portable electronic devices, e-readers, etc. Recharge EX3 AR lenses prevent blue light from reaching the eye and thus enhance visual comfort along with lowering problems related to high-energy visible light.

These, along with a number of market in the coming future. However, the increasing popularity of refractive surgeries may impede the growth of the market in the forthcoming years.


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