Instant Beverage Premix Market Driven by Rising Health Awareness, Busy Lifestyles

Instant beverage premixes are concentrated forms of various beverages that can be made ready to drink by adding water and/or heating. They have gained popularity in recent times due to the application of novel packaging techniques that make the premix more attractive and more easily accessible. The global market for instant beverage premixes has been calculated to be worth close to US$59.4 bn in 2014. According to a recent research report from Transparency Market Research, rising at a 5.70% CAGR from 2015, the market is expected to be worth US$85.8 bn by 2021.

Instant Coffee Premixes to Lead Demand from Global Instant Beverage Premix Market

Instant coffee is the most popular instant beverage around the world. The widespread popularity of coffee is responsible for the dominant share of the beverage in the global instant beverage premix market. 

Instant tea is the second largest product segment of the global instant beverage premix market. The popularity of tea in Asian countries has helped the market for instant tea premix grow in countries such as China and Japan. Asia Pacific accounted for close to a third of the global market for instant beverage premix in 2014, with Europe accounting for about a quarter. These two regions are expected to remain the leading regional segments of the global instant beverage premix market in the coming years.

The health benefits of tea and coffee and their common presence in the traditional breakfasts of many cuisines are responsible for the high share of these two instant beverage premix market segments. Growing health awareness among the global populace is also responsible for the high market share of instant soup premixes, which are the third largest category of the instant beverage premix market by revenue. Other major product categories in the instant beverage premix market are instant milk and instant health drinks.

Increasing Ease of Purchasing Instant Beverage Premixes Benefits Global Market

Along with growing consumer awareness on the health benefits and convenience of instant beverage premixes, the global market for the same is also driven by the increasing availability of instant beverage premixes. Modern shopping avenues such as supermarket/hypermarkets almost invariably sell instant beverage premixes, kickstarting a virtuous cycle of high product visibility leading to increasing consumer demand.

The increasing availability of online shopping channels in emerging regions has also helped the global instant beverage premix market in recent years. The average customer in regions such as Asia Pacific, Latin America, the Middle East, and North Africa has much easier access to online shopping portals than ever, and these websites have been quick to offer nonperishable food items such as instant beverage premixes, resulting in growing purchase of instant beverage premixes online.

Major players such as Monster Beverage Co., The Coca-Cola Company, PepsiCo Inc., Starbucks Corporation, etc., have been quick to capitalize on the growing prevalence of ecommerce, creating a firm foundation for the global instant beverage premix to expand expeditiously in the coming years.


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