High-Tech Product Innovation in Power Rental Systems by Top Companies to Boost Power Rental Market

Power rental systems are used for providing instant power supply across a number of industries in the midst of power outages and are helpful in providing backup in power grids. Increasing awareness about curtailing energy demand during peak hours, rising grid instability, and globally rising demand for power are amongst the prime factors fuelling the market for power rental systems. In addition, power rental units find their application in a number of government sector and petroleum end-use industries and this will further augment the growth of the market in the coming years.

TMR, a market intelligence company, throws light on the chief players operating in the power rental market and elaborates on their prime products and developments along with the various application areas where these systems have been deployed successfully.
  • Aggreko plc.:  Aggreko is the leader in temporary power rental solutions and has been supporting events and industries all around India and in several other countries. It has approximately 200 service locations and provides service support and very effective rental power solutions in accordance with the customers’ requirements. Temporary power rental solutions are flexible for use in industrial applications and synchronous generator arrangements. The general rental fleet offered by Aggreko presents outstanding mobility, functionality, and performance via a local service network. Aggreko India has been supplying gas and diesel rental generator sets for industrial sectors such as manufacturing, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, utilities, food and beverages, cement, automotive, mining, steel, and shipping. These systems are also used in commercial buildings, exhibitions, and events.
  • APR Energy LLC: This company excels in the relatively under-served market for large- scale power and is a world leader in providing fast-track mobile turbine power. The company has combined technology and speed for delivering flexible turnkey power plants for powering entire cities within days. The company installs, operates, owns, and maintains its power plants and presents customers with a complete turnkey solution. Therefore, customers receive the power they require without the need to provide an up-front capital investment as needed in a permanent plant. The customers of APR Energy LLC range from public and private utilities within developed markets to sovereign utilities in frontier markets.
  • Atlas Copco AB: Atlas Copco AB provides a wide range of industry-leading accessories and generators and also presents a complete solution ranging from designing, consulting, and support and service in a startup. The company has the know-how, experience, and equipment for handling both small and large-scale projects ranging from responding to a planned backup to emergency power generation. It comprises generator sets from 1 to 2000 kVA available globally and silenced container units and canopies that comply with each and every noise standard. The company also has a strategically stationed fleet used for fast deployment anytime and anywhere. In addition, the electronic control systems provided by Atlas Copco are highly energy-efficient and the ancillaries and accessories are of high quality, thus enabling reliable and clean power.
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These efficient and reliable power rental systems manufactured by the top companies have further fuelled the global power rental market. However, factors such as the increasing number of rigid environmental regulations due to harmful emissions produced by rental power systems may impede the growth of the market in the coming years.


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