J&J Medical India Sets Sights on Rural and Semi-Urban India

Healthcare giant Johnson & Johnson has been progressively creating a deeper footprint in the Indian healthcare and medical devices industry. However, with several urban regions in the country nearing saturation thanks to the rapid development that the country has reported in the last few years, like many of its competitors, J&J, too, is looking beyond metropolitan markets. Now, the company plans to fortify its presence in semi-urban and rural India.

To this end, Johnson & Johnson Medical India, the medical devices arm of J&J, will be setting up a new business model that it calls Middle India. The go-to-market model, the company hopes, will help it achieve better coverage in smaller cities and towns where population is expanding rapidly and there is a dearth of quality medical devices and healthcare options.

Managing director of J&J Medical India, Sushobhan Dasgupta, said that his company’s coverage was limited in semi-urban and rural India, where some high-potential regions lie. Tier 3 and tier 4 cities are expected to provide a shot in the arm to J&J’s sales strategy, even as it looks for ways to venture outside of larger cities where competition levels remain high and saturation is looming large.

The company plans to penetrate hitherto untapped markets via a unified sales task force set up expressly for this purpose. The ‘One J&J medical field force’ will be responsible for boosting the sales of J&J’s medical devices in rural India. The sales force will sell medical products to medical practitioners and various healthcare facilities.

While J&J Medical India already has a similar task force, it is unique in that the salespersons are specialized in specific health care domains. The company, for instance, has a specialized team for orthopedic products and surgical sutures. However, the scenario in rural and semi-urban India is different where the number of specialized surgeries is comparatively lower and people chiefly undergo general surgeries.

With J&J making its focus on rural and semi-urban markets clear, it is only a matter of time before other medical devices manufacturers and healthcare companies follow suit.


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