What Does 2016 Hold for the Canned Food Sector, Nutraceuticals Industry, and Chilled Foods Market?

If 2015 was all about food fads such as Greek yogurt and fermented food occupy supermarket shelves, the food industry will see the trends shifting in 2016. Food industry experts expect that the coming year will shine the spotlight on snacking boxes, gourmet heritage cuisine, artisan olive oils, and savory desserts. Most recently, social media site Pinterest released a list of top food trends based on trending topics in the food industry. The list shows that artisanal, gourmet, and DIY will be the buzzwords in the food sector in the coming year.

Based on recent market research data, here are the trends that will make a real impact on the food industry in 2016:
  • Demand for BPA-free will intensify as consumers want clean-label products. While consumers in hitherto underserved countries are now waking up to the convenience and budget-friendliness of canned and preserved food as compared to fresh food, there are several concerns about BPA from the can lining migrating into food. Several consumer campaigns are already pressing for major food brands worldwide to find safer alternatives to chemicals used in canned and preserved foods. This trend will gain traction in several developing countries as well, and the time for companies to act is now.
  • Nutraceuticals foods will see greater demand. This space will be interesting to watch as wellness foods allow both food manufacturers and certain pharmaceutical companies to re-work their synergies and enter a new business space. However, the stringent regulatory environment being created around the nutraceuticals industry, coupled with waning consumer confidence in synthetic ingredients, will necessitate better compliance and better labeling on the part of companies in the market.
  • The chilled and deli foods market is being defined by the growing demand for convenience food products. As lifestyles of consumers in recently urbanized nations and regions mimic western lifestyles and eating habits, the chilled and deli foods segment will emerge as a highly lucrative one. However, companies will have to cut back on the use of synthetic ingredients and show greater commitment to clean labels. With supermarkets and hypermarkets making a foray into emerging economies, the time is ripe for the growth of the chilled and deli foods market.
At the same time, the trend of gourmet and artisanal food and beverages will spread across newer regions. Traditional cuisine and dishes will receive a touch of gourmet in the year to come.


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