Plant Proteins, Energy Drinks, and Trendy Packaging – 3 Sports Nutrition Market Trends for 2016

The sports nutrition market has seen major change in recent years, much of which has been brought about by the entry of newer consumer types into the market. Companies now sell a myriad of products targeted not just professional sports persons but also the well-heeled fitness enthusiast who buys sports nutrition products just to supplement her everyday fitness regimen. The sports nutrition market hasn’t settled into a steady state yet – the growth rate continues to be healthy and market players continue to find new growth avenues in developing markets. The sports nutrition market will pick up new consumers through the coming years. According to Transparency Market Research, the global sports nutrition products market will be have a valuation of US$52.55 bn by 2020.

Here are three major trends that will shape the sports nutrition market in the coming year:

Plant proteins will be the latest fad

The sports nutrition products market is not insulated from the demand for natural ingredients over synthetic ones. Veganism is yet another trend is especially evident among consumers who are serious about fitness and wellbeing. Thus, ingredients derived from plant proteins as opposed to animal proteins will be a trend to watch out for in the sports nutrition market. Rice protein and pea protein seem to have caught the fancy of many consumers after research has proven their efficacy. At the far end of the spectrum, bug protein products will make some waves in the market.

Energy drinks will make deeper inroads

With lifestyles becoming more hectic and the pressure to maintain high energy levels to brave the everyday chores of an urban life, consumers are looking toward energy drinks to fill this gap. Although certain stimulants in energy drinks have been at the center of several controversies, there is still going to be a great demand for pure caffeine in energy drinks. Sports drinks that combine functions such as energy, recovery, and endurance – by using a combination of proteins, carbs, and stimulants – will likely have a better future.

The labeling and packaging game continues

Smart marketing tactics for sports nutrition products will define the future of this market. Labels such as dairy-free, gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan continue to attract more consumers, and 2016 will see an intensification of this trend. As the consumer base in the sports nutrition market evolves, packaging will keep pace by becoming more colorful and trendy.


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