Twitter’s 10k-character Move is Not so Much About Users as it is About Advertisers

Since its inception, Twitter has been defined by 140 characters - while some users have stuck on to the microblogging site for this attribute, others have moved away from it to social media platforms that have no such character restrictions. But now, in a game-changing decision that’s reportedly expected to be announced officially soon, Twitter could allow 10,000-character long tweets.

However, from the looks of it, Twitter’s move is not so much about users this time as it is about advertisers. If and when the move comes into effect, here’s what to expect:
  1. Twitter is likely to go the Facebook way by pitching itself as an instant publisher of content (along the lines of FB Instant Articles)
  2. The microblogging site (if we can still call it that a few months down the line) would look for publishing partners by giving them the promise of providing articles more visibility in return for a fee
  3. Twitter will be able to position itself taller in the ‘platform war’ that’s currently being seen among social media websites
In the meanwhile, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey termed the current word-count restrictions as a ‘beautiful constraint’ that inspires people to be more creative and brief. Currently, Twitter has seen several new social media platforms, such as Instagram, race ahead in terms of the number of users. This has evidently prompted the top bosses at Twitter to think of bringing in disruptive change.

A report about Twitter deciding to switch to longer tweets first appeared on Re/code. Sources close to the anticipated development say that the launch of longer tweets could come toward the end of the first quarter of 2016. Twitter is best known for bite-sized information, which, according to many users, is what makes it a veritable source for sharp updates.

If you’re already wondering whether the new expanded tweets would make your Twitter feed look boring and text heavy, that’s likely not going to be the case. Current speculation says that only the first 140 characters of the tweets will be displayed, and you would have to expand the tweet by clicking on it if you wanted to read more.


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