Enhanced Fire Protection Systems (Oil and Gas) Market: Water Mist Protection Systems Gaining Popularity

The global enhanced fire protection systems (oil and gas) market is projected to witness remarkable growth in the coming few years. In 2013, the global enhanced fire protection systems (oil and gas) market was valued at nearly US$3.22 bn, and by 2020, the market is projected to be worth US$4.14 bn.

Enhanced fire protection systems are a key requirement for oil and gas installations. The regulations regarding safety laid down by hydrocarbon agencies of several nations have led offshore oil and gas operators to elevate their investment in fire safety solutions. These stringent regulations are one of the key drivers of the global enhanced fire protection systems (oil and gas) market.

Another key driver of the global enhanced fire protection systems market is innovation in technology. Mist-based fire protection systems – a recent novel enhanced fire protection solution – are gaining popularity in the global enhanced fire protection systems (oil and gas) market. Let us look in detail at this innovation and its impact on the market.

Global Market Witnessing Rising Popularity of Mist-based Fire Protection Systems

A water mist fire protection system uses very fine sprays of water. This allows the mist to control, extinguish, or suppress fires. Mist-based fire protection systems are effective because they can cool both the flame and surrounding gases by evaporation. They can also displace oxygen by evaporation and reduce radiant heat. As compared to the sprinkler-based fire protection systems, mist-based fire protection systems are more effective.

Sprinkler systems are increasingly being replaced by mist-based fire protection systems because they utilize a lower amount of water to control fire. Mist-based enhanced fire protection systems help suppress fire effectively without causing excess water damage as compared to sprinkler systems.

Companies Increasingly Launching Mist-based Fire Protection Systems

Some of the key companies operating in the global enhanced fire protection systems (oil and gas) market are Trelleborg AB, 3M Company, SK FireSafety Group B.V., Orcus Fire & Risk, Inc, Tyco International Ltd., Water Mist Engineering AS, Marioff Corporation Oy, Ultra Fog AB, and Consilium AB. Let us look the top mist-based enhanced fire protection system products present in the market.
  • Marioff’s HI-FOG is a high-pressure water mist fire protection technology used for a wide range of applications both on land and at sea.
  • Ultra Fog has developed a high pressure, water mist-based sprinkler system for controlling fires. These are more effective than conventional sprinklers and are capable of extinguishing all kinds of fires.
  • Water Mist Engineering’s Water Mist System is a fixed fire protection system, which discharges a fine spray of small water droplets. These droplets are discharged using a water mist system, which suppresses fire by removing heat and displacing oxygen.
Browse Industry Research Press Release: http://www.transparencymarketresearch.com/pressrelease/enhanced-fire-protection-market.htm

Many other companies are also increasingly investing in this technology due to the growing popularity and effectiveness associated with this innovative technology.


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