Rising Usage of Machine Vision Technology in Food and Beverage Industry to Fuel Machine Vision Market

Machine vision is a type of technology used to help computers in visualizing the work environment. This technology is utilized to automatically inspect images captured by it, after which they are analyzed. It helps in process control, automatic inspection, and robot guidance in a particular industry. It uses smart cameras and image processing devices in place of manual measurements and inspections. These smart cameras run independently and operate without using computers. The growing adoption of machine vision systems within non-industrial and industrial sectors is predicted to raise the growth of the market for machine vision in the coming years. Machine visions systems are used in a number of areas such as electronics, semiconductors, the food and beverage industry, packaging, automobiles, textiles, banking, security and surveillance, and traffic controlling, among others.

Transparency Market Research (TMR), a market research company, throws light on the usage of machine vision technology in the food and beverage industry and elaborates on the ways this technology has transformed the overall industry.
  • Harvesting and Quality Control: Machine vision technology enables automated harvesting and thus reduces the overall costs. The automated harvesting process can also be extended to product processing and grading. For instance, nowadays this technology is employed for apple picking and vegetable root removal processes. Machine vision technology is also used to ensure quality control owing to the fact that quality plays a key role in the growth of premium brand foods. Machine-vision-based quality control systems ensure uniform distribution of buns and pizza toppings and are being adopted in a number of international food chains globally.
  • Grading-sorting and Picking-packing: Machine vision technology also maximizes the overall quality of bulk produce, such as rice and pulses, by the removal of contaminants. In addition, the grading of meats, fruits, and potatoes ensures premium prices for a number of brands. Furthermore, machine vision systems working in collaboration with robotics allow consistent packaging, even in cases where a number of products have been mixed, and ensure proper display of foods within the packaged containers.
  • Bottling and Food Safety: Machine vision systems are used to ensure accurate fill levels in bottles. This technology ensures the safety of customers by checking for proper seals and caps in bottles. In addition, they keep the manufacturer informed about any type of contamination within the liquid stored in sealed bottles. This is why these systems are being widely employed within a number of segments of the food and beverages industry.
  • In-Store Analytics and Easy Checkouts in Supermarkets and Hypermarkets: Machine vision systems are also used for automatic identification of any kind of suspicious behavior or known criminals in malls and supermarkets. In addition, a number of supermarkets and hypermarkets globally have installed self-service machine vision technology, in which shoppers can pay on their own without the need for any assistant at the checkout point. This self-service machine vision technology has reduced the occurrence of fraud and has enhanced the overall shopping experience of customers.
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