Rural Regions now Emerging as Lucrative Markets for Water Purifiers

As governments and healthcare agencies continue to stress on the fact that the importance of clean water can never be understated, the demand for water purifiers—especially in hitherto underserved regions—is showing an upswing. It is this factor that will most evidently impact the global water purifier market. As evidenced in a latest report by Transparency Market Research, the global water purifier market is expected to account for US$95.57 bn by 2023. The market is expected to exhibit a 9.0% CAGR from 2015 to 2023.

Industrialization, scarcity of fresh water reserves driving demand for water purifiers

As more economies race toward industrialization and the population explosion stresses the current freshwater reserves available to mankind, countries are now required to judiciously use the available water reserves. But the greater problem that needs to be tackled is the increasing contamination of water bodies because of the reasons mentioned before. This situation creates a gap that can be monetized by companies in the water purifiers market. Water borne diseases can heavily burden public healthcare systems; developing countries are experiencing this firsthand with frequent jaundice and diarrhea outbreaks. Urging the public to use purified water thus translates to greater dependence on water purification products and systems.

Rural population in Asia Pacific wakes up to benefits of water purifiers, fueling demand

A number of companies in the water purifiers market are aggressively targeting rural markets because of emergent opportunities here. The population in rural regions is inching upward to create a larger playing field for companies in the water purifiers market. Densely populated countries such as China and India have introduced water regulation programs to ensure equitable distribution of this precious natural resource. This has led to a high demand for water purifiers in households and industries. Asia Pacific represents the largest market for water purifiers in the world.

RO water purifiers to see higher sales in years ahead

UV purifiers, gravity purifiers, and RO purifiers are the key product types that compete for a larger chunk of the revenue in the global water purifiers market. Of these, the demand for RO water purifiers was the highest in 2014. The demand for RO water purifiers will grow faster than that for any other type of water purifiers over the next seven years.


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