New Cutting-edge Product Introductions by Top Players to Boost Cell Surface Markers Market

Cell surface markers are key components in the classification and identification of cells having similar characteristics. The chief applications of cell surface markers include disease identification, disease diagnosis, cytological academic research, and research for drug discovery. The market for cell surface markers is experiencing exponential growth owing to the increasing automation in laboratories and the rising usage of in vitro diagnostics. In addition, the rising need in new markets for new antibodies will also augment the growth of the market. Furthermore, the growing need to lower healthcare expenditure in a number of nations will also stimulate the growth of cell surface markers market

On the basis of product, the market for cell surface markers is segmented into hematology analyzers, flow cytometers, and reagents and kits. Amongst these, the segment of flow cytometry leads the market due to a number of benefits associated with using this technique. These key benefits include the ease of cell counting and quantitative analysis of lymphocytes, among others. Transparency Market Research (TMR), a market research company, highlights the key developments in cell surface markers, particularly in flow cytometers, made by the top players operating in the market and how these developments are poised to have a positive impact on the growth of the overall market. 

  • Beckman Coulter: This is an American company and specializes in biomedical instruments. This company has been aggressively working on its strategic acquisitions for strengthening clinical businesses and establishing a number of manufacturing centers within developing nations. Innovative reagent systems previously developed by ReaMetrix and now acquired by Beckman Coulter are the 1st dry temperature stable reagents, thus bolstering the company’s reagents business.
  • BD Biosciences: Becton, Dickinson and Company (BD) is an American medical technology company manufacturing and selling medical devices, reagents, and instrument systems. This company has mastered the product differentiation strategy by diversification. This company presents products having different configurations used widely in numerous clinical and research applications. The prime example of such top-of-the-line machines is BD Fortessa. BD Biosciences is the first company to market this bench-top, multicolor, and high-throughput flow cytometer.
  • ORFLO Technologies: This is a life sciences company marketing and manufacturing powerful yet simple instruments for protein and cell analysis. This company has produced next-generation flow cytometers having hands-free and ‘plug and play’ actions. These type of small cytometers are proliferating at a high rate in the market and are now targeted at even independent researchers and biologists.
  • DVS Sciences (acquired by Fluidigm): This company has implemented product integration by combining the capabilities of mass spectrometry and flow cytometry. The new instruments manufactured by the company can now be utilized by a broad-ranging community and also by those already accustomed to utilizing mass spectrometers. 

These new innovations by the top companies operating in the cell surface markers market are poised to further augment the growth of the market for cell surface markers. However, the high investment involved in the adoption of sophisticated models and the increasing complexity of flow cytometers may inhibit the growth of the market in forthcoming years.


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