Facebook Messenger to Allow In-store Payments Soon? Latest Reports Say, Yes.

Facebook Messenger, as we know it today, is about to evolve into a multi-faceted app that not only allows you to chat with friends but also organize your day and make payments on the go. According to latest reports, Facebook is reportedly readying to roll out new features in its popular app that will allow users to make in-store payments via their mobiles. The clues, according to a report on The Information, were found in the Facebook Messenger app for iPhones, with options such as “pay directly in Messenger when you pick up the item” and “pay in person” being seen. All of these point toward the development of in-store purchasing options.

Facebook Messenger to Emerge as Peer-to-peer Payment Tool?

However, media reports stated that no comment from Facebook on the matter was available. The foundation for such payment features has already been laid in Facebook Messenger, which allows users to send money to friends via the messenger. However, the code for the iOS app indicates that big plans are in the offing for the expansion the app to also function as a full-fledged payment tool. Peer-to-peer payments are already all the rage and Facebook is evidently leaving no stone unturned on monetizing them early on.

However, Mark Zuckerberg had said as recently as January (during the company’s Q4 earnings call) that the company would not launch its own product for payments fulfillment. Zuckerberg said that “we don’t view ourselves as a payments business,” but also went on to add that they were willing to partner with other companies that did have such interests. This name dropping had market analysts wondering whether Facebook would eventually partner with Apple to facilitate transactions.

Other Features About to Make their Way into Facebook Messenger

Besides facilitating payments, Facebook Messenger also reportedly wants to help users plan their day and allow them to have ‘secret conversations’, says an Endgadget report based on information gained from the source code for the messenger app. Our guess at this point is that the ‘secret conversations’ feature would be similar to encrypted chats like those available on WhatsApp.  Likewise, the ‘organize your day’ feature could allow users to sync calendars and share selected items from a news feed with specific friends.


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